Top Reasons Your Car Is Leaking Oil

Reasons Your Car Is Leaking Oil

Discovering oil leaking from beneath your car can be terrifying. Not only does it imply a problem with your car, but it also has the potential to become a full-fledged problem if left unaddressed. Don’t you just hate it whe it happens? Are you aware of the leading causes of oil leaks? Well, you should be. In this regard, we present to you this article of the top reasons why your car may be leaking oil.



  • Worn Out Oil Filter
    One of the most prevalent causes of oil leaks is either a worn-out or improperly installed oil filter. It serves to keep your engine clean by filtering out contaminants, but it can become clogged and fail to do its job if it is the wrong size or has been improperly installed. To avoid having oil leak due to this reason, be sure to replace the filter and check it regularly to keep your engine healthy.
  • Damaged Oil Pan
    An oil pan, in which the car’s oil retains when it is not flowing through the engine, can be hurt through the roughness of the road, debris, or neglect. It creates a small hole in the pan or loosens the drain plug resulting in major oil spills. Regularly inspect the pan for signs of deterioration to avoid leaks.
  • Aged Seals and Gaskets
    Most of a motor’s oil is kept in its engine by seals and gaskets. Constant heat wear, or due to operating in severe environments, cause these to deteriorate. A crack or shrinks in the gasket or sealed will lead to oil dripping. Inspect seals and gaskets regularly and replace them before they become an issue.
  • Faulty Valve Cover Gasket
    The valve cover gasket is one of the engine’s topmost seals. Over time it can rust due to the extreme heat and crack. Its job is to shield the topside of the engine. This might cause oil loss; a professional diagnosis is required.
  • Incorrect Oil Use
    This entails using the wrong sort of oil. Oil of different sorts can only be used in different cars. Using the incorrect use can cause oil to leak out from the seal and gaskets. Over-filling can result in the oil rod pushing through the weak spots.

The Importance of a Vehicle Oil Leak

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Every oil leak is a cause for concern – it could indicate more serious engine damage. However, by being aware of the most common mechanical issues causing oil leaks, and proactively maintaining your car – through regular replacement of oil filters; frequent inspection of oil pans for road debris; check-up and replace of your worn-out seals and gaskets; inspection of the valve cover gaskets, and preventing oil loss through the incorrect use of oil, you can catch and fix leaks early.

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