2019 Honda S2000 – Rumors are Getting Louder

Honda has been under pressure for a while to deliver an affordable sports car. They have some great vehicles in the lineup, but prices of all of them go through the roof. Therefore, Honda decided to put some effort into creating a decent sports car at a more or less normal price. As a result, Honda is delivering 2019 Honda S2000. This sports car was officially confirmed, but there is no much reliable info about it. Nevertheless, we decided to gather all available details and guess some characteristics of the upcoming roadster.

2019 Honda S2000 Review

Honda’s S class is top class of this automaker. Engine solutions deliver the goods and design are simply astonishing. However, the price is the main issue here. Thus they decided to go an extra mile and create a well-designed car that can stand side by side with high-flyers in this category, but with a price below the average.

2008 Honda S2000 rear 810x527

2008 Honda S2000 shown; Source: netcarshow.com

2008 Honda S2000

2008 Honda S2000 shown; Source: netcarshow.com

The Japanese automaker is still secretive when it comes to S2000, but there are some things that can be guessed. So far many have made their predictions and we also decided to do the same. Please feel free to comment our article after you have done reading it.

Engine and Performance

Probably you are expecting a naturally aspirated engine, but we must let you down. We don’t have high hope for such powertrain and in our opinion, there is going to be a different unit placed under the hood. If don’t take any innovations into consideration, the best choice for the 2019 Honda S2000 would be a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4. This engine has already been used in several other cars manufactured by Honda and there shouldn’t be any surprises. It is powerful enough, towing capacity is great and fuel economy should be decent.

2004 Honda S2000 810x506

The 2.0l is able to deliver approximately 300 hp and 300 pound-feet of torque. Sports cars usually come with more torque and power, but something needs to be sacrificed in order to decrease the price. However, we believe everyone will be satisfied with the powertrain and there won’t be demands for more power. There are some rumors that S2000 is going to have a six-speed manual gearbox, but as far as we are concerned there is going to be an automatic option as well. We just need to hold our horses for some time and time will tell whether we are right or wrong.


We had some doubts regarding design since Japanese automaker announced 2019 Honda S2000 is going to be affordable. This announcement led us to believe that this model won’t look as astonishing as some other sports cars manufactured by Honda. However, it appears that we were wrong. Even though the design is still being kept off the record all of us should expect a decent styling. When we say decent we don’t mean top-notch in the class, but styling that is definitely worth every dollar. It will not resemble S660, although they are in the same class. This is the only thing we know for sure since Honda is being secretive. I would give a penny for their thoughts at this moment.

Honda S660 Roadster front three quarter in motion 810x540

2016 Honda S660 shown

On the other hand, interior styling might take after S660, at least some basics. Seats and technology are expected to be a lookalike. However, the release date is still far from now and technology is getting better year by year. Therefore, we may see some updates or even some new cool features.

2008 Honda S2000 interior 810x568

2008 Honda S2000 interior shown; Source: netcarshow.com

Price and Release Date

We’re going to publish several more articles about 2019 Honda S2000 before the release. It is (unofficially though) scheduled for 2018 and this is only the presentation date. It is unsure whether this model will be launched right after the presentation. The most speculated characteristic is the price. New S2000 is believed to get a price of $25,000 for a base model. Attractive, astonishing and affordable. What more can you ask for?

Honda S2000 Holiday Auto 810x494

2019 Honda S2000 rendering

Take a look at the previous model of Honda S2000 while we wait for the new model.

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