How To Clean Your Car Like A Pro

You need to understand that having a car means you have a responsibility to maintain it. If you are a car owner, you will probably understand the struggle to make time to have your vehicle cleaned and pay for a car wash. Other car owners prefer washing their vehicles alone instead of visiting a car washing center.

However, not everyone can wash their cars as the pros do. There will always be a few things that you must keep in mind to do so. If you have any plans to clean your car by yourself, here are a few things you must keep in mind when cleaning your vehicle.

Prepare Your Cleaning Materials

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Before cleaning your car, you have to make preparations first. In washing your car, always keep in mind not to let the water dry on your vehicle while you are still cleaning it. When water dries, water spots may form on your car’s surface, which can result in car paint corroding. 

Prepare all the things you need when cleaning your car to avoid any delays and to prevent water spots from forming. But if you don’t know where to start when it comes to cleaning your car, you can call for an expert’s help. In fact, according to Osren, professionals have a keen eye for detail and will find any flaw you would otherwise miss. They can also guide you on cleaning materials you need to clean your car and how to use them.

Perform Pre-Cleaning Precautions

Pre-cleaning precautions remove anything that could scratch and damage your vehicle’s paint. For example, if you’re wearing a bracelet or any other jewelry, you must take them off. With these accessories on your body, there could be the risk of scratching. So it would be best to minimize them at least.

Next, you should wet the exterior using a hand frother or a foam gun. This equipment will help get the dirt wet and soften its hold on your car’s surface. Also, make preparations for your pressure washer or hose.

Always Start From Top and Work Your Way Down

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If you have been cleaning different stuff in your life, you would understand why you would need to start cleaning from the top of your car and work your way down. The reason for doing this is to prevent the spread of dirt to the other parts of your vehicle. As a car owner, you should know that the dirtiest part of a vehicle is the tires. If you clean your tire first, you risk your car from moving the wheels’ dirt and grime to your car’s surface. 

You can clean your car more efficiently if you know the correct order in washing them. If you do not know how to work in some areas of your vehicle, here is a brief explanation of how you can do it.


Moreover, the vehicle’s interior is made from entirely different materials than the exterior. So, cleaning them would need more specialized equipment. If you have a leather seat, it would be better to vacuum them. Do not forget to utilize a cleaning solution to have the interior place squeaky clean. If you have leather seats, use a conditioner instead of other cleaning solutions.

You should also take this chance to remove the trash that has been under the seats for a long time now and remove unnecessary things from the trunk. Only keep emergency items and helpful tools there to have a more cluttered trunk. After you finish the interior, you can head out and clean the exterior.


Cleaning the windows comes after washing either the interior of the car. Windows are essential parts of the car. That is why you must be careful in washing them and only use the appropriate glass cleaner.

The windows have two parts: the exterior and the interior side. The exterior is dirtier than the interior windows because it is more exposed to external elements such as weather, dust, and the like. You can wash your exterior window by spraying glass cleaner and wiping it from top to bottom. Then, proceed to wipe from left to right. 

Avoid spraying the cleaning solution directly on the windows when wiping. What you should do is spread the solution on the microfiber rag and wipe the interior window in the same way you cleaned the exterior. Always ensure that you dry every area after washing them. You can dry off the window using a dry microfiber cloth.


The dirtiest part of the car is the wheels, and cleaning them can be challenging. The best way to clean them is to focus on one rim at a time. So what you should do is hose down your wheels with a powerful stream. Then, clean them with a water-based and non-abrasive cleaning product for the wheels. This will help clean the grime and lubricate the area so that you do not accidentally scratch them as you wash them.

Although a regular sponge would be a good tool for cleaning your wheels, you can use a soft-bristled brush to scrub off the grime left over. After scrubbing, you can rinse and dry your wheels carefully.

Apply a Protective Layer as a Finish

After you clean your car, always rinse and dry the vehicle after. You can finish your car washing by adding a protective layer. Wipe your car’s exterior layer using another clean microfiber towel and a wax. This protective layer would enhance the protection element of your car. Find a product that is free from ammonia and does not attract dirt so that it would not damage your car’s paint.

Create a Car Wash Schedule

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The general rule in washing your car is to have them cleaned up every two weeks to avoid the damage in your car paint. You might not notice it, but it can also prevent your car parts from rusting. However, you must consider a few things before creating a schedule.

One of the primary things you need to remember is how frequently you use your car. If you drive it for hours every day, it would need more washing than cars stored in the garage.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are more familiar with what to do, it would be best to look for materials and equipment that you can find in your garage. Always remember the helpful tips and tricks above so that you can finally wash your car successfully. Keep several microfiber fabrics and double-check the solutions that you will be using.

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