How To Get Rid Of A Junk Car That Doesn’t Run 2024

With the end of the life of an old car, there are different options for you, such as scrap yards or the private cutting to sell the parts to other interested parties, and these two are established as the best alternatives for your old car. Also, you can check out and get some valuable information regarding the subject.

Scrap yards have become real recycling companies that have nothing to do with the junkyards as it used to be.

Yes, it is most likely that we have passed the insurance to third parties, so facing a repair that exceeds the amount of the car itself will be uphill.

And, in case it was the fault of the other party, things will be a bit different: they will give you the total loss ipso-facto with a compensation of 80% of the venal value of the model, which will rarely exceed three figures. And then it is over.

The same happens with mechanical breakdowns. Generally, a repair costs less than a new car- due to its repetition or its inevitability. That “when it starts to give you trouble …” In short, that’s when it’s time to let it go.

How to get rid of your old car

Fortunately, fewer and fewer people dedicate themselves to abandoning their cars in the middle of the street, parking, or open fields. Also, if it still occurs, on many occasions, it is due to a legal problem (there are no papers, ownership is unknown, etc.). There are also those who do not know the procedures or alternatives to get rid of the car. Those alternatives are to manage it yourself, do it halfway, or let others solve the ballot for you.

1. Get rid of the car yourself


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Doing it yourself implies requesting the final withdrawal of the vehicle from your town hall. It is free and fast, and all that is required is the owner. Hence, if there are room, skill, and will to get some money by offering the pieces that can be saved, it is a matter of starting to scrap. Once the parts have been inventoried, it is as simple as bundling up to put ads on specialized portals with photos and a good description. The only thing to do then is to wait.

It is likely that, from the start, certain “spare parts” will be taken out of your hands (especially consumables or some items that are difficult to find), but little by little, the pace will decrease. Although, hey, maybe you’ve already taken a few hundred euros that you did not expect by “donating” organs from your car to people who have also saved a fortune.

2. Do it halfway


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Doing it halfway is another step or the subsequent step of this one. With the shell of the car or the car decommissioned but whole in itself, you can make a route through the junkyards that you know to see who gives you more. Also, you can conduct a thorough search on the internet to find the options that would be most suitable for you.

If the price of iron ranges between 240 and 250 euros per ton (light/heavy), for your car that is made of steel, aluminum, and plastic, they will offer you less than 80, if it is in the chassis, and just over 100, if it is complete. Look to see if it makes up for you. Keep in mind that they need to take over the transportation, process the car-not-car and all its pollutants, and manufacture whatever is left for its factory, making a profit.

That brings us to the third option, as simple as calling and letting others take care of the whole process.

3. Let others recycle your car


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There is a new generation of scrap yards that are true emporiums of automobile recycling. We visited one in on the highway that had an impact on me as a customer; after a while, it amazed me. I have taken friends and acquaintances to visit it because it is worth seeing.

People say it is the largest one in Europe and, boy, with a million square meters, more or less. Of course, they have all the structured processes; all the AENOR quality seals and the pace of buying and selling of car-parts is overwhelming.

They are also smaller and less overwhelming, but with the same diligent customer service, supported by recycling as environmental responsibility, the sale of retail parts, and the compaction of scrap metal for subsequent reuse.

Going to that junkyard is as simple as sending an email or making a phone call. The workers will demand the documentation (technical sheet, circulation permit, be the owner of the vehicle or authorization), and they will use a crane to remove the car. In a couple of days, they have removed it, and you will be sent proof of its “destruction.”

Another advantage of this option is that they are going to pay you for it. That would probably be somewhere between 100 and 150 euros for your complete car, which is not bad at all by making just one call.

That seems to us as the most logical way because of its immediacy, comfort, and seriousness. Besides, there is the consolation of knowing that some components of your car will continue its life – perhaps in another car since almost all brands use recycled metal to manufacture.

To top it off, traveling one day, we found another way of recycling: decoration.

4. Car parts for decorating your room


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We have visited several stores specializing in furniture made from auto parts or parts thereof. It has its charm (very macho, yes) having a bottle rack with an American V8 block, a bar counter on a Japanese spoiler, or a coat rack made with camshafts.

Benefits of selling the car to a junk buyer

When you have to sell your old or used car, it is essential to know that you have several options on where you choose to sell it. If the insurance company doesn’t buy it, you may want to consider selling it to a junk car dealer. A scrap metal processor is more comfortable to operate than taking on the task of searching for buyers to take parts. However, you should be ready to stroke with a little less cash than you would otherwise have.

Most junk car dealers will pay for any car, regardless of its condition, so you can be sure that even if the engine and other parts are completely damaged, you will get good cash for the accident.

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