Love Off-Roading? Here’s Why You Need a Pickup

Off-roading enthusiasts have a wide range of favorite vehicles, including some classic vehicles like the classic Jeep, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and other upgraded SUVs. Some even opt to go out exclusively on dirt bikes and ATVs. While these experiences can give you a rush as the terrain shoots by, there are a lot of reasons why you should go off-road with a pickup truck if you want to get the most out of your off-roading season.

Power Through Mud Like No Other Driver

The SUVs and other vehicles that off-road drivers love can power through a lot of problems, but they still get stuck if you really take on a deep mud pit, even if they are big enough to keep their engines dry. That’s because even the most powerful SUV can’t deliver the equivalent torque of a fully equipped pickup truck in the same weight class. The difference is in what they’re designed to do. Even the most off-road oriented, out in the wild SUV or wagon will behave at least as much like a car as a truck. They’re designed for cabin space, multiple passengers, and interior cargo as much as they are for rugged rides.

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When you use a pickup, especially a powerful one intended as a work truck and not a light pickup, then you get the power that’s designed for pushing through mud, pulling out stumps, and hauling the biggest loads you can take on the highway without a semi. When you get into mud that would stick most other vehicles, a powerful pickup can usually get through. According to, winch kits that let you tie on to a landmark and pull your own vehicle free if you do happen to bite off more than you can chew, too.

Build the Ride of Your Dreams

Pickups are the most customization-friendly vehicles on the road today, with dozens of aftermarket suppliers for each model providing you with the options you need to make sure your ride is exactly what you wanted. Whether you’re adding options you couldn’t buy up-front or you’re trying to make sure you get the most out of the engine in it by upgrading other parts for performance, you can control exactly what you get out of your ride on the road and off. That includes choosing the power and towing capacity to suit your needs, because there’s no use buying more power than you plan on using if it costs you in other areas, like fuel efficiency.

  • Build your own style lines
  • Add decals
  • Upgraded electronics and edutainment
  • New seat covers and creature comforts
  • High powered upgrades to lights and safety features
  • Performance tires, brakes, and exhaust to dig hard and pull through
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Please click here to choose for each model of Pickups that exactly what you wanted.

Don’t Forget to Terrain Customize

Your accessories need to change with the terrain you’re touring across, so if you go off-roading, remember to switch between specialized tires and other wear parts to set yourself up for success on ice, sand, mud, or any other terrain with specific obstacles and features that will affect the way your truck rides. Luckily, these terrain-specific parts are easy to swap out when you’re moving from one location to another, so you can enjoy your off-roading experience anyplace you go, during any season. You won’t be able to count on that kind of versatility from most of the other vehicles that can double as your daily commuter, because most vehicles built for that level of off-road action don’t have DOT-approved road tires, brakes, and other features. Pickup trucks have the reach to easily do both, providing you with an efficient work vehicle, a great commuter, and a fun weekend romp any time you can get out of town and let your hair down.

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