Preparing Fleets for Upcoming Disruptive Changes

The advanced technology became an unskippable part of our everyday life. It has an impact on all the fields of life and all the business industries. According to a lot of fleets will have to go through the aforementioned disruptive changes.

However, are people ready for those changes?

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Let’s use social media as an example. The way how businesses started to advertise has dramatically changed in the last 10 years. Despite that, the way how people communicate has changed as well. You can now talk with the person that is located on the opposite side of the world.

So, why would fleets remain the same when we live in the world of modern technology? People need to be ready for those disruptive changes. Because of that, we want to analyze how certain technologies will influence fleets.

Internet and Cellular Communication

Okay, we will start with the most obvious one. The Internet and cellular technology became the unskippable part of our lives. Despite that, many businesses use it to boost the effectiveness of their businesses. The combination of these two technologies made a completely new world. On the contrary, you can find businesses were not able to survive just because they did not want to modernize their business strategy.

Anyway, both technologies redefined leadership requirements and business models. The customer’s requirements and expectations became different in the last couple of years.

Well, we talked about this because we can compare it with many fleets. It will probably happen that two emerging transportation technologies will make some fleet business models obsolete. A lot of fleets will have to go through the aforementioned disruptive changes.

Autonomous Vehicle Technology

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Many people do not realize how close to the horizon AV actually is. You will find many vehicles of today that come with adaptive cruise control, lane departure, and intelligent braking capabilities. Fortunately, the development of this technology doesn’t tend to stop.

The biggest impact of this technology will be a significant (or complete) reduction in the need for drivers. Of course, there probably won’t be some major changes. However, it can happen that the full scope of this may not be realized by some fleets.

There are 2 reasons why we say this. First of all, each driver is responsible for his operating group. Besides that, it doesn’t matter if a computer or human drives a vehicle. The necessary equipment will require the same support services.

As of this year 2024, there is still a massive shortage of truck drivers according to a study conducted. Few drivers transporting goods on the road will disrupt the US business and economy. The lack of professional drivers could be a treat to shut down trucking operations in Florida and throughout the US. One of the requirements to be a commercial driver is to pass the CDL exam, however aspiring drivers tend to find this exam hard to pass. So it is advisable to take the free test at before taking the actual exam

Electric Vehicle Direction

Fortunately for the planet Earth, people started to be aware of how damaging fossil-fuel vehicles are. Because of that, the alternatives to this sort of vehicle started to become more popular. You can now find many electrical bikes, motorbikes, and cars on the street. Many businesses started to use electric vehicles for transportation as well.

There are two different reasons why this type of vehicle is popular for many businesses. First of all, it perfectly works together with AV and telecommunication trends. Despite that, the battery technology has drastically improved. This allows people to reduce their costs.

Finally, it has a huge positive impact on the different fields of business. First of all, it offers a solution for energy utilities in three different terms. Those terms are charging flexibility, battery storage, and telecommunication-based energy management capabilities. We can conclude together that EV is not only an alternative to fuel transportation. It is much more.

Fortunately, some countries already recognized the potential of this type of vehicle. However, it seems that many more will recognize the same in the coming years. That will have an impact on the fleets around the world. The combination of AV and EV will redefine operations, maintenance, and administrative support functions.

Electric Vehicle Operations Management


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We will stick to EV a bit longer and explain a couple of more things. As we said, the impact on fleet operations with this technology is the transition to electric power over fossil fuels. However, that leads to some other changes. For instance, the implementation of charging infrastructure, new management tools, and creating appropriate associated processes and procedures are some of the changes.

These three are usually the most important ones during EV adoption. They all need to be accomplished to make the entire process functional. Despite that, in-house liquid fuel facilities will be eliminated completely for some fleets.

Asset Management Opportunities

Logically, new disruptive trends will affect asset management as well. These changes will give new opportunities to reduce and simplify some functional requirements.

Let’s use leasing as an example that shows a true impact. It is definitely a continuation of the trend to simplify and reduce the remaining fleet asset management requirements in the future.

Well, this is an obvious thing, but we have noticed that one thing is frequently missed. The new changes will improve customer service with higher quality and lower costs. The business owners will achieve things that to reduction or eliminate non-value added processes. These processes are usually associated with equipment purchasing. For instance, this includes bidding, retiring, specifications, prioritizing, budgeting, etc.

Bonus Tip: Learn from Other Industries

The best possible way to predict changes and prepare yourself is to check the other industries. Some other industries already faced with the changes that we mentioned.

Why is this important?

You will find many firms that were not ready to adapt to the new changes. The market is more competitive than ever. If you choose not to adapt to the upcoming changes, your competitors will do that instead of you. You can’t continue to do business in the same manner. You will lose the batter which can completely shut own your business.

There is one thing that we would want to suggest. It is okay if you can’t completely adapt at once. Still, it is good to start somewhere as soon as possible. We suggest a tool that might help you adapt. Some apps and tools can give you real-time information about how your passengers are utilizing your buses. If you are willing to check one, we suggest you check here.  

So, do you still think that preparing fleets for upcoming disruptive changes is irrelevant? We would like to hear you!

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