2016 Buick Grand National Specs Interior

Buick is making a magnificent comeback to the car scene with some amazing brand new models. After more than 30 years, Buick is going to launch 2016 Buick Grand National, one of their popular models, back in the ‘80s. It is safe to say that this is a brand new car, but with the history of the previous model. The interesting thing is that the Buick has decided to use the Alpha platform, which is also used for another popular model of another American manufacturer – the popular ATS from Cadillac. Since these two cars are going to share the platform, we can expect them to be one of the rivals, when both go on sale.

2016 Buick Grand National Exterior

The first thing that you will notice on the new Buick Grand National 2016 is the large chrome grille on the front. The grille is really big, and it takes most of the space in the front and because of that, this car has fairly small headlights. The monotone chrome Buick logo that is located in the center of the front grille looks simple and great. There is another interesting detail on the front – the hood scoop, which is a feature that is usually reserved only for performance and tuning versions of regular cars.

1987 Buick Grand National 630x315

1987 model shown

The whole car looks aggressive, even when it is not moving, which gives the chance to that large black alloy wheels to show off. The back of the car has taillights that look a lot like the ones that Porsche has been using. Buick logo is situated in the center, and it is connected to the taillights by a sleek chrome bar. Twin exhausts are a great detail which makes the back of the car look aggressive and sporty.

Buick Grand National 2016 Interior

The cabin of the 2016 Buick Grand National will have a similar design to the other used in new Buick models. The whole dashboard is oriented towards the driver, with the large touchscreen display dominating the center console. This display is going to be used to control infotainment system, as well as the connectivity and the air conditioning. However, potential customers should not expect lots of space, especially in the back, since the 2016 Buick Grand National is going to be a sports coupe.

2016 Buick Grand National Interior 621x420

Buick Grand National Engine

This is probably the most interesting information about the 2016 Buick Grand National. Buick is going to offer Grand National with different engines. The base model will come with a turbocharged 2.0l 4-cylinder engine that is going to produce around 250 horsepower. The second option is going to be a 3.6l V6 engine that should produce around 400 horsepower, and the third option is going to be a similar engine, that should produce more than 400 horsepower. Buick is going to offer the car with automatic transmission as standard and manual as optional.

2016 Buick Grand National Front Angle 630x354

2016 Buick Grand National Price

The price of the base model should be in between of $30,000 and $40,000 while the price for upper trim levels should be much more than that.

2016 Buick Grand National Release date

The 2016 Buick Grand National will be released sometime in 2016.

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