5 Signs That You Need a Wheel Alignment

Throughout this blog, we will be discussing five signs of when you need a wheel alignment. Your wheels must be aligned correctly if you want a comfortable driving experience. With that said, here are five signs to look out for when it’s time for a wheel alignment.

Uneven Tire Wear

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It’s normal for tires to wear unevenly. Therefore, it’s natural to have a little more wear and tear on the right or left. It all depends on road conditions and your driving experience. If you make more right turns than left turns, then you’re going to notice a slight unevenness on your tires. However, what is not normal is to have a massive amount of tire wear that is uneven. Therefore, you want to be aware when you notice a significant amount of unevenness in the tire wear that you’re addressing the problem. With tire unevenness, you will likely need a wheel alignment.

If the Vehicle Pulls to the Left or Right


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When your wheels aren’t aligned correctly, they’re not pointing perfectly straight. That means your vehicle will likely pull to the left or right when you’re not steering in that direction. For more clarification, when you’re driving straight, and notice that your car is always pulling in one direction, that is a sure sign that your car needs a wheel alignment. If you’re trying to drive straight, then your car should be moving in a straight line.

A Crooked Steering Wheel


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If your car is moving in a straight line, but you look down and notice that you need to hold your steering wheel in place to keep the car straight, then you certainly need a wheel alignment. A crooked wheel is one of the most prominent signs that you need a wheel alignment. This is because when your wheel is crooked, it means that your wheels are out of alignment. So, even though your car is driving straight, your steering wheel is telling you otherwise.

Squealing Tires

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If you’re in an underground parking lot and you’re making a turn at a slow speed, it’s reasonable to hear some squealing. However, if you’re driving in a straight line and making a turn at regular speed, and you hear squealing of the tires, then that’s a sign that your tires are rubbing against the surface. This means that your wheels are likely out of alignment.

Excessive Vibrations in the Steering Wheel

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If you feel a little bit of vibration in the steering wheel when you’re driving at high speeds, your wheels are out of alignment, and they could be pointing against each other. If this happens, you will likely feel a significant amount of vibrations in the steering wheel. Furthermore, these vibrations will get worst as you’re driving at faster speeds. Therefore, if you notice a lot of vibrations in your wheel, make sure to get your car checked for a wheel alignment.

In Summary

After reading this blog, if you’re still unsure about whether or not you need a wheel alignment, contact a qualified technician. Learn about the differences in technicians on this website. Even if you think your car is running fine, it’s always a good idea to have it checked to be safe. Typically, a wheel alignment should be checked every 15,000 miles. Staying on top of this will save you money in the long run and prevent you from having to deal with multiple costly repairs in the future. Lastly, if you need any sort of signage for your business, choosing quality car top signs for your business doesn’t have to be hard. For more information visit HTH, Inc.

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