Why I Bought Used Car to Replace My Last Car

There are many factors that would make you opt to buy a used car rather than getting yourself a brand new car. To some people, repairing an old car may seem like a waste, but at the same time, a new car can also be not the best decision depending on your financial position.

You can get an old car and repair it and this can be a little cheap for you. This is because a new car might require down payments, subsequent monthly payments and can also come with high insurance rates and registration fees. Here are some reasons why I bought a used car to replace my last car.

Maintenance fee

One of the biggest reasons I chose to buy a used car is because compared to how much I was paying for maintenance and how much it really cost me. I was using much less in car maintenance than it would cost me to buying a brand new vehicle as a used car the only costs I accrue with the car is insurance, fuel, and maintenance.

Therefore, the amount I use on maintaining the used car is far much less than the amount I would use with a new car. From here it is easy to save some money even for a new car and though it will take some time you will eventually get a new car. There are ways to cut short the maintenance fee by doing some things for yourself like changing your oil, checking your fluids, replace air filters, as well as change spark plugs.

You can do this by just getting some online manuals on how to it. For some things that you can do always do them and avoid the mechanic when you can your repairs should be less than half of the cars market value. The amount that you use on repairs should not at any given time be more than the amount of the car market value so as to avoid losses.

It is also important to consider if the life of your car will be added at any given time a repair is done. Some repairs that that add life to a car are worth it and therefore one can then consider buying a used car. Another thing that should be considered is doing a recall and knowing if some repairs are worth it rather than paying too much for repairs that a dealer can do for free or fewer charges.


Having a warranty is also important while purchasing a used car; this can also be called a service contract. The new cars have service contracts but on the other hand, used cars also have a warranty that is in the sales price. Therefore checking if a used car has such kind of warranty is so important and should be put into consideration whenever you are purchasing a used car.

The service contract is a little extended than the warranty since it can continue being used even after a warranty expires. This, however, the choice of the buyer and this can also determine the cost at which you will buy the car. If the service contract is long enough and covers for a great amount of any likely to occur repair then it is worth it. Some of the things that a service contract has included:

  • It may cover some parts of the vehicle
  • If repairs and routine checkups are covered
  • If the company offering the contract is reputable
  • If the contact has cancels and refund policy


I also choose to buy a used car since I could get the type that I wanted in the used car market than the new model market. People have different tastes and this makes them choose to buy a used car since this is the only place you can find your preference.

The new market has got new models of vehicles but you will at one-time desire and want an older version or older model that cannot be seen under that new market. For instance, the old market will provide the Ford Rangers that the new market cannot.

Lower Insurance Costs

Reduce Insurance Premium Cost 810x471

Source: coinlaundryinsurance.com

Generally, an insurance company will consider the value of the car in order to know the rates they will charge. If your car is more valuable, the higher the insurance rates. So, if a car is new then the insurance rates will be high than those rates of an old car of the same brand or make. It is therefore so important to check and consider this fact at any time you are purchasing a car and want to pay not so much fee for your insurance purposes.


A new car depreciates so quickly like in a period of three years from the time it was bought. Getting a new car cannot be a good investing plan since it quickly depreciates. Many car models often depreciate that fast but only just a few models that do not easily depreciate. A used car is the best since the cost is a bit low. A car may last long and therefore whether you buy a used or new car they probably will stay in the same periods. I should, however, protect my used car even if it is depreciating.

Peace of mind

A used car can save you a lot of trouble, for instance, some companies will provide useful information on a vehicle’s history. The history can show things like a vehicle’s identification, mileage as well as whether the vehicle has at any time been declared by an insurance company as a loss. A bad history on a car can save you from buying problems since you can easily get to know the cost of any vehicle you conduct a search on. A good car history will make you have some peace of mind even when you are buying the car.


Finally, a good and used car can truly be a lifesaver in many ways. You will find out that a used car will give you a chance to save enough to purchase a new car. The maintenance costs will be cut and the used car will provide you with a platform for exploring other older car models.

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