Distracted Driving Statistics in 2024

In the early of 2024, we carried out social research to evaluate the driving attitudes as well as personalities for around 1900 people. 

The Outcomes Of Distracted Driving In 2024

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Here are the results for you to surf on Baderscott such as: 

– Around 38% of attendants claim that distraction on the cell phone could affect the performance during they are driving on the street, another 29% of all attendants approved to sending a message or driving like the leading cause of distracted driving via chit-chat, discuss via emails and even snapping up some pictures.

– 57% of attendants claimed that they could consume or take some drinks when they are driving.

– Nearly 9% of attendants from 24 to 33 claimed that they could face some levels of pressure to reply to a text message when it arrived right away. Besides, 7.5% of the age cluster suppose that a greater level of pressure to reply to some e-mails involved in work during they are driving on the road.

– Some attendants who entirely admit that sending messages, as well as driving, are the same as driving while taking some drinks.

– 40% of people claimed that they could be involved in using alcohol when they are driving on the street.

Based on the research carried out in the year of 2019 from us, we could make an analysis of the driving styles of some peoples which can relate to their cutting edge gadget’s working mechanism. 

– 60% of attendants who can use the Ios claimed that they suppose a greater level of pressure to reply to the text message, whereas 18% of Android people thought like this.

– Nearly 71% of Ios used attendants for approving the video call when they are driving and 24% had the exact option.

– Approximately 54% of Android people in this research claim entirely that sending messages as well as driving is riskier like taking some drinks along with driving, whereas 52% of Ios people think the same. 

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The Distracted Driving Report In The Year Of 2019

At the beginning of 2019, we carried out the research of driving attitudes and personalities for the groups of American people.

The outcomes show us below such as

– Around 38% of attendants who from 19 to 34 claimed that they suppose a greater level of pressure to reply to the messages involved in work when they are driving, whereas 24% of the nationwide average for some other clusters.

Parents with some of their kids were tended to be distracted when they are driving (85%) rather than some adults with no kids (73%)

– A tiny number of women approved to snap up some pictures when they are driving on the street.

On top of it, the recent research does not include some fluctuations within distracted driving attitude according to the operating mechanism of the mobile phone that some drivers utilize.

– Nearly 15% of Ios people claimed that they could not be distracted when they are driving, while 24% of Android people as well as 39% of other operating platforms. 

– The Ios people are up to two times, compared to Android people for surfing the video, make the best use of Twitter, and stream podcasts on other social media. Moreover, they could snap up some images when driving. 

– Around 9% of Ios people approved surfing some videos on Youtube when they are driving on the road, whereas only 3% of Android people approved to do this. 

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The Ranking Table Of Some States’ Distracted Driving

According to some data which is derived from our source including nearly 4.5 million drivers throughout America, we can sort out and rank along with the driver’s ratio of driving time spent via taking the most advantages of their mobile phone. 

Firstly, Mississippi held the greatest rate with nearly 8%, whereas the lowest point was about 5.2% for the Oregon state. We will produce a table below for you.

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Drunk Driving As Well As Distracted Driving, Which One Is Risky?

The shortage of life

– Drunk driving shows that nearly 28 people can live for a day, over 9,800 people per year.

– Distracted drivers suppose that nine persons could live, around 3,400 people for a year.

Economic influence

– Distracted driving expenses could take around $40 billion for a year.

– The DUI takes approximately $45 billion for a year.

Some dangers from state

– There are 47 states own law regulation towards distracted driving, whereas 15 people own the particular laws towards the sending message as well as driving or taking the sending ban.

– Nearly 50 states own regulations towards the drunk driving or law restraints understand how to determine a drunk driver as well.

The insurance of distracted driving

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How can a ticket influence the vehicle insurance ratio? On the other hand, in the year of 2011, the distracted driving trouble could boost up the driver’s vehicle insurance ratios is not more than five percent of equating to compare less than 4% for a year in the additional premiums. In some years later, the same trouble can boost up the driver’s insurance ratios until around $280 for a year. 

On top of it, running towards sending messages or taking the most advantages of your cell phone when driving could boost up the insurance ratio around an average of 24% as well as for other states up to 64%. The punishment for distracted driving could boost up steadily in many years later since the people could realize about the expenses or some states could produce some law regulations for preventing it.         

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