2018 Honda Odyssey Release date, Price and Specs

Earlier this year Honda released the all-new Odyssey. The minivan has been extensively redesigned in order to become a better overall car. It is based on a new platform, it comes with a revised powertrain, and it looks much better than its predecessor. On top of that, it still offers one of the best interiors in its class which is not an easy feat to achieve. For starters, the 2018 Honda Odyssey is still based on the same chassis as the Pilot. However, the wheelbase is the same as before, and the minivan is nearly as large as its predecessor. Despite that, it is lighter, and its suspension system has been tuned accordingly. It should be firmer while also being able to better absorb impacts. Torsional rigidity increased by as much as 44% which means it is safer in the case of a crash. The new model should be easier to drive as well as better suited for long journeys thanks to its improved set of driver-aid systems.

Is It as Good as Before?

Putting it bluntly then yes, the new model is much better than the car it replaces. It is not only better in terms of looks, but it also offers more features for the same price as before. The steering system has also been revised so even though it still has an electric rack, this time around it is faster. This should allow the driver to enjoy the ride even more.

2018 Honda Odyssey 3

2018 Honda Odyssey: Source: driving.ca

2018 Honda Odyssey Release Date, Price and Specs

Dimensions And Weight
Wheelbase 118.1 in
Length 203.2 in
Height 68.3 in
Width N/A
Weight 4354 lbs
Engine And Transmission
Engine type 3.5-litre V-6 Cylinder Engine
Displacement 3.5-liter
Power/torque 280 hp and 262 lb-ft
Transmission 9-Speed A/T, A/T, Transmission w/Dual Shift Mode
0-60 mph 6,5 sec
Top speed 112 mph
PRICE RANGE: Starting at $34,890/ $50,290 (est)
Competitors: Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Pacifica, Kia Sedona


One of the most talked about aspects about the 2018 Honda Odyssey is the way it looks. There are plenty of people out there loving the design while others absolutely hate it. We would go as far as to say the car doesn’t look nearly as bad as some suggest. For starters, it still shares some cues with its predecessor. The stepped window line and the sporty-looking back end are still here. However, everything else is all new. In the front, the new Odyssey is much closer to its crossover sibling. It has a similar grille and set of headlights, but it has a much lower hood as well as a more aggressive bumper. The all-LED headlights are also standard which is rather impressive considering the price didn’t change much. The profile creases make it seem like it’s in motion even when stationary while the floating C-pillar makes it seem much shorter than before.

2018 Honda Odyssey 2

2018 Honda Odyssey: Source: driving.ca

Inside the Cabin

The 2018 Honda Odyssey still comes with eight seats in the base configuration. However, it is now nearly a full inch narrower than before which translates in less interior space than before. However, with this new model, Honda is also offering the Magic Slide seats. These allow the middle row seats to slide front to back as well as side to side. This allows for more than 20 different configurations allowing the minivan to cope with pretty much any situation. On top of that, despite having the same wheelbase as before, there is more available legroom for the rearmost seats which is quite impressive. In terms of technology, there is a new infotainment system with a better software than before as well as multiple USB plugs. The rear passengers benefit from a dedicated infotainment unit on the higher end models while the materials have been greatly improved over its predecessor.

2018 Honda Odyssey Interior

2018 Honda Odyssey: Source: driving.ca

2018 Honda Odyssey Interior 2

2018 Honda Odyssey: Source: driving.ca

Under the Hood

The 2018 Honda Odyssey still comes with a naturally aspirated 3.5 liter V6 engine. This now makes 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque which is considerably more than before. The engine is quiet, refined and it offers a great experience behind the wheel. As standard, there is a nine-speed automatic gearbox which is fast but no that smooth. As an option, Honda is also offering their brand new ten-speed automatic. This will allow the 4,500 pounds minivan to accelerate to 60 MPH in just 6.5 seconds and hit a maximum top speed of 112 MPH. With it, the car will cruise at 70 MPH at just 1,500 rpm. This should allow for a much better fuel consumption than before which will likely get close to 30 MPG on the highway. Unfortunately, though the Odyssey still comes in front-wheel drive guise only. An all wheel drive model is still unavailable even though the market is ready for all wheel drive minivans as some of its rivals confirmed.

2018 Honda Odyssey eNGINE

2018 Honda Odyssey: Source: driving.ca

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