3 Tips for Adding a Custom Grille to Your Vehicle

If there is one thing as certain as that the sun will rise tomorrow is that car guys love their cars. This is only a natural right, and we see no reason for this to not be true. In the light of this “revelation”, we will deal with cars and some custom modifications to your four-wheel pet that you can do by yourself.

The car industry is huge and in it, there are all kinds of car guys and girls. Some of them love new cars, some love older ones, some love electric while others deem that it is sacrileges to own a vehicle that doesn’t have a combustion engine. Then, some swear by petrol cars against those that love diesel ones. So much is going on in this world but what unifies all of these sides is one thing, the love for those 4-wheel metal boxes. Each of us love our car differently, some are keen on keeping it as is as long as possible while others try to change and adapt their ride to their personality and liking. The latter ones are considered artists because what they can do with a car is beyond any explanation.

Since we do not plan to go very deep into custom cars or tuning/modifying scenes, because it is a deep hole that could easily become a novel, we will touch up just one of its parts – external tuning or adapting your ride, specifically its front end. As you could deduce from the titles we will focus on the grill part of the car which is its crown piece and its sigil, if you like.

As you all know, there are two roads you can take when modifying anything on your car – DIY or special order and fitment or buying prefab parts and aftermarket parts for your specific vehicle. The latter of those you can do at Cmyway so check them out.

Without much ado let’s address our article and let’s state again that there are two ways to add a custom grill to your vehicle the DIY way and aftermarket parts shopping. We will address a bit of both.


1. Measure

Black High Quality Car Front Grill Grille Fit For Hyundai Elantra 2016 2018

Source: aliexpress.com

Whenever you’re trying to do anything by yourself, never mind the abilities and the know-how you possess or things you do, it is always better to measure twice and cut once. This is the logic that will save you time, money and resources for whatever project you have in mind. Now depending on the tools and possibilities you have before even starting to make your DIY grill you should take the old one apart and see how it is made, study its shape and try to replicate that most safely. Measurements are very important here and none should be considered as not important. Measure everything and transfer it to the material or program you are using to make a new one.

2. Fitment

Just like measuring everything, fitting it in the place that is meant for it is really important. Good fitment of every part of your vehicle is important for two main reasons – safety and looks. You don’t want any parts flapping around while you drive posing as a huge threat to your and the safety of others. The second is pretty much explanatory because any modification you are making to your ride is supposed to make it look better and to make a statement. Image how would both you and your car look if your new plastic, chrome or mesh grille look on the front of your car if it is shaking, chafing and screeching when in contact with other parts of the bumper.

3. Make it a statement

m performance frontziergitter carbon 51712467261 810x478

Source: leebmann24.de

Whenever you are adapting your vehicle you are trying to make a statement or you are trying to show your personality. If you are making modifications that are not that, it is better to leave everything as it is because a half-done job in that department will not look good on your vehicle, and that will not make you look good. Think everything through, plan and design and make the boldest statement you can.

Aftermarket parts

1. Information

vin number 810x540

Source: whichcar.com.au

When it comes to buying any part for your vehicle there is information you have to know and tell the company that is providing you with parts. The first thing is your make and model, production year and in some cases with certain parts VIN. This is something you have to know, but since you are a car buff you probably do already. Aftermarket parts come in many shapes and forms and for many of the vehicles in one particular lineup which is why this information is vital to sellers to provide you with correct parts. In a case where your vehicle is just a particular brand’ shell on the outside and completely another brand when it comes to engine and running gear, forget about the VIN because it will not be of much help. Focus on parts that are on it and go from there.

2. Size and placement

When grilles are in question, we have found out that although you do transfer the right info to the sellers, regarding your vehicle, and although they do send you the correct parts, sometimes you will find yourself in problems where you will need to adjust certain parts a bit to fit anything. Parts like the grill, grill meshes and anything on it is done through a mould and moulding cannot always be 100% correct, plus making a vehicle means that there will be human errors in certain areas, which is why you can never expect that your part will be just – plug and play. Be prepared for some adaptation and manhandling it.

3. Make the right choice

s l1600 2 1024x1024 810x394

Source: mackielecindustries.com.au

The grill of a vehicle is its crown piece; it is what represents it the most. When you are scouring the shops online or on land for the correct part try to envision what you are looking for and just in case make it stand near, or in this case in front of your vehicle to see how it fits. If this isn’t an option, try and look for images of someone who has already made that sort of modification and see how it loos on their vehicle. This is the way you will ensure that you got what you wanted and that it looks just right for your car or truck.

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