Automotive Soundproofing and Sound Deadening Material: What to Know

Cars in our time have become the primary means of transportation, and in many cases, it has proven to be a big necessity if not a must-have for most families. This is primarily because it has made movement easier, thus one can move from point A to B easily even when laden with lots of items.

Furthermore, the inventions and innovations that have been made in the automobile industry has further improved the general driving or riding along experience. As a matter of fact, many cars today are an expression of the affluence of the owner, this is because of their ability to purchase luxury cars and even add some “special effects” to bring the car to their desired taste.

However, not all of us mere mortals can afford this, and yes, some people even have to drive the car till it becomes rickety. The thing though is; this does not mean that you cannot have that joy ride that you wish to keep experiencing in your car.

There are a number of things you can do to improve your driving experience, especially in today’s reality. One of these is soundproofing it.

What Does This Mean? sound proofing

Generally, soundproofing is an attempt to suppress extraneous sounds or unwanted noise in a particular environment. This can be done using some special materials and products like acoustic panels made for that purpose.

From this, we can infer and correctly so, that automotive soundproofing is a way of limiting external noise from getting into a vehicle. This unwanted noise mostly comes from the outside environment, as the vehicle races through the busy streets, markets, etc.

The noise could however also be from the vehicle itself, due as a result of the different working parts and the engine.

When the challenge is from the inside of the car, what needs to be done to solve the challenge is sound deadening. You can get more information on how to go about this process here. A non-engineer or professional might not know the difference between soundproofing and sound deadening, and a lot of people make the mistake of lumping up the two as the same.

Soundproofing deals with the prevention of sound transmission while deadening deals with the creation of surfaces that absorb the noise generated, ensuring that it is not as loud as it could have been. It is therefore deadened.

How Does It Work?

It first starts from determining what you want to be done in your vehicle, is it to be soundproofed or should the noise be deadened? It is upon making this determination that you will now have to decide the best approach to adopt and what materials you would have to use to achieve your goal.

For Soundproofing


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The first thing to note is that it is not possible to totally cancel out the external noise that may be filtering into your vehicle. This will be even more so if it is old.
What you are to expect, however, is a radical decrease in the noise disturbance you experience while driving. There are three (3) basic methods of doing this, they include:

  • The Use of Soundproof Floor Damping Mats: This involves applying soundproof mats to the bottom of the car’s floor mats.
  • The Use of Soundproof Mats with Reflective Insulation: This is directly applied under the soundproof foam mat. So yes, the two products can be used together for increased noise blockage and for your ultimate satisfaction.
  • Soundproofing your Car Doors: This is best done with foam insulation. However, this method is quite arduous and does take a lot of effort.

You can watch the process for yourself at

For Sound Deadening

There are different materials in the market that can be used for this process, and the one you choose should be majorly dependent or determined by what and where the fault is in your car. It is also heavily determined by your budget.

The types of materials available include:

  • Damping Mats: These are made to cover the car panels and generally the larger areas of the car like its ceiling and the floor. They are made of rubber materials
  • Sprays: This is a product that is sprayed into the flat and curved areas or parts of a car to even out the sound insulation. It is easier to use and is usually most effective when sprayed on the hard to reach spaces or gaps left after the sound deadening mats have been installed.
  • Foams: These are automobile foams which are thicker than the usual acoustic foams used in sound proofing a room.

Getting the Best Soundproofing and Sound Deadening Material

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There are many products in the market that can basically do the job. The real challenge will be knowing and getting the right one. If you are just looking for a quick job for your car especially if you really do not have the time for a long wait for a proper fitting, you can try out a few of the described methods.

If however you need a good job done, it is only proper that you do your due diligence, ask questions and get proper clarification thereby ensuring that you get the best service available. You might also need to contract the services of SoundproofPros for proper guidance and to render a thorough professional service.


There are different things that one can do with a motor vehicle to enhance its comfort and enjoyment. These services can make your seemingly old car come to life. Therefore, if there is no money to buy a new car? No problem! Just give the old car a new comfortable noise insulated feel.

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