Car Equipment Which is a Must

If you are the type of person whose car is a very important part of your daily activities, then you should consider getting all the equipment to make your day be easier, safer and ready for any kind of situation. While the chances of being stranded off the road or on a highway are pretty low, such a thing can still happen, so why not preemptively equip yourself with everything you would need for that type of a situation?

Let’s say your car does stop in the middle of nowhere during the winter season. The first thing you will notice is that you do not have air conditioning anymore, so no way to warm yourself. You can either try to do some work on the car’s engine to try and fix it, but you can only do that if you have the right tools. You could also call for emergency services, but if you have to wait out for a few hours, you will need to find a way to keep yourself warm right? Then you will need a space blanket.

Maybe you will not have any trouble with your engine, but you get a flat tire. Would you rather wait out for hours to get towed to the nearest mechanic or you could just have the right tools ready to easily replace the spare tire you have in the back?

So, if you have finally decided that it is time that you need to properly equip your vehicle with the right tools, we have made a list of several things that we believe are the most important. Of course, some of these will depend on your location, weather, and your usual destinations. You certainly won’t need a space blanket if you live in an area where the temperature never drops below 50 degrees °F.

First Aid Kit

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We mentioned tools that could save your car several times, but the reality is that in emergency situations, the most important thing is your health or the health of your close ones. You can’t really know whether you will ever need a first aid kit, so we recommend that you keep one in the trunk at all times.

Keep in mind, this is not something that you can only use if you have been in a traffic collision. If you ever see that someone else has been hurt in a traffic collision or from whatever else, you can always quickly help by cleaning up their wounds with your kit which reduces the chances of infection.

Everything you need to change a tire

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While there are hundreds of different situations you can find yourself related to your car, a blown or flat tire is the worst one that you can fix by yourself. You can only help yourself in such a circumstance if you have the right equipment to go through the tire changing.

First, you will need to ensure that you have a spare tire under the trunk or under the car. If you do, then you can now get all the other tools to complete your tire changing collection. Now you will need to get a tire iron which can be used to remove the lugs from the wheel. But, before you remove the tire and replace it with the spare you will need something to prop up the vehicle with. A tire jack or a farm jack, if you are regularly driving off-road, can be used to raise the vehicle high enough so you can remove the tire. Follow tools doctor off-road jack guide to get an updated list of farm jacks.

Pair of rubber gloves


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No matter what you will plan to work on, you will need to have a least one pair of rubber gloves. These can be used both for safety and so you do not get your hands so dirty that you won’t be able to use the car again without messing everything up.

If you are working with jumper cables that means you will be working with dangerous electricity. To ensure that you stay safe while charging the battery of your car make sure that you use rubber gloves.

Jumper Cables

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While it does not take any extensive knowledge of this piece of equipment, it certainly can be a lifesaver in the worst situations. If you get up every single morning to get to work by driving, then you probably have had at least one situation where you wound up with your battery dead or empty. This usually happens in the worst possible time, like when you are due for an important meeting at the office and you are suddenly stuck parked in front of your house.

With just one set of jumper cables, you can easily get out of this sticky situation. Open up your hood so you can give a hint to other drivers that you are having trouble with your vehicle and try to find anyone who will be willing to help. Tell them to park parallel to your car, to pop their trunk and then just attach the jumper cables from one battery to the other. You can finish up everything in just 5 minutes and you will be on your way. To learn more about this, visit the White Recovery website.

A gas can

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If you live in a more remote location like I used to, you probably have an idea of how common it can be to drive around for hours without finding a single gas station along the road. That is why I always carried a gas tank in the back because I already had experienced that dreadful moment where I went out of gas. With a gas can and a piece of hose, you can ask a random passerby to extract just a bit of gas from their car so you can start your own vehicle and reach the nearest gas station.

If there aren’t any other vehicles around you then you could also take the gas can and walk to the nearest gas station and then fill up your vehicle so you can reach the station.

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