What Do You Do If Your Car Lock Stops Working?

Buying and maintaining a car are two very challenging tasks, as each of them requires a lot of money and comes with many responsibilities too. Buying a car is a heavy investment, and when you make a big investment like that, it becomes important to take good care of it and pay attention to each part. As it is a machine and requires fuel and maintenance to work properly, any carelessness can result in losses.

Every individual with a car always pays attention to maintenance activities like servicing, fueling, and washing the vehicle. Despite all these steps, some problems occur out of the blue and disturb the car owner. As personal vehicles are necessary for traveling for work and other personal activities, any damage can also affect daily chores and important meetings.

One such issue is a damaged car lock, which is the biggest issue that can create a lot of other troubles. To replace and repair a car lock, you should contact a 24 hour locksmith service that can help fix the damaged lock. It happens often that car locks stop working, but they look fine from the outside. As most of the issues are present inside the lock, it becomes difficult for an inexperienced man to locate the problem. 

As expert locksmiths can easily locate and repair the issues, it is best to contact the best ones.In some rare scenarios where you can’t wait much for the service, performing a few tasks yourself is vital. As it is a repair task that can not be done without proper advice, getting to know some of the methods is essential. Below are the ideal steps that you can perform if your car lock stops working in an emergency:

Check The Batteries And Replace Them If Broken

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Because most car keys and lock systems rely on the battery, there is a high risk of damage. This happens a lot of times when the key battery in the fob is broken, which stops the car lock from working properly. In a battery-operated car key system, the key is attached to a fob with the battery. Using the fob, the process of locking and unlocking can be performed without any physical contact.

As batteries have a certain life and cannot perform after their lifespan is over, it is better to replace them. You can check the battery of the key fob and detect any issues. Changing the battery can easily make the it work if the battery is not working. Another issue can be found on the fob itself. There is a chance that the key battery works fine, but the fob is damaged. In this case, you can take your car to a dealer and have the problem diagnosed.

There can be misaligned buttons or a problem with the program of the fob.

 In this scenario, the car professionals can help reprogram the fob and make it work. If the fob program issue is the reason for the dysfunctionality of the lock, then it can be easily solved with the help of an expert or someone who knows how to reprogram car key fobs. As the whole process will require hooking up the key fob to the computer and other processes, it is better to contact an expert instead of doing it yourself.

Replace The Solenoids In Case Of Freezing 

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It is a well-known fact that extremely cold weather affects not only the human body but also machines. As machines and vehicles also have a certain limit to their ability to withstand the temperature and pressure, it becomes hard to protect them from extreme weather conditions. For cars and vehicles, hot and cold temperatures both work as damaging agents and can affect the inner and outer parts of the vehicle.

Sometimes, in extremely low temperatures, the car locks get frozen and stop working. As the inner part of the lock gets stuck due to liquid or ice, it becomes hard to repair the locks. A locksmith’s help will be the best solution, as they have the best material to defreeze them. But in an emergency, you can try some easy methods. You can use a de-icer to repair the lock or heat the key using a hot flame.

In extreme freezing conditions, you can check the solenoid of the car lock, and if it is damaged, you can replace it if it is not working. As the solenoid is an essential part of car locks, any slight damage can affect the working and movement of the locks. The low temperature usually freezes the solenoid wires and damages the car lock system. To replace the solenoid, you must visit your car service provider to get the best service.

Spray The Ideal Lubricants In The Lock

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Another reason for a broken  lock can be the presence of dust and dirt inside the lock. As with usage, every part of the car gets filled with dust and dirt, but only the outer parts get cleaned during the washing and cleaning. As  locks barely get cleaned, they can get filled with impurities. To deal with this situation, it is essential to use lubricants for locks.

As car locks differ from other locks used in homes and workspaces, the lubricant used for them is also different. The ideal lubricant for car locks is silicon lubricant. Silicon lubricants are best, as they create a water-repelling barrier that keeps dust and dirt away from the lock. It is best suited for metal, plastic, and other materials.

Spraying lubricant can make the lock work and clean dirt particles. Graphite lubricant can also be used in this process, as it will support the lock mechanism and fix the  lock issues. Using sprays for putting on the lubricants is the best way to make the lock work properly.


Repairing a car lock that is not working properly is not a hard task if you have an expert service provider nearby. Because the security of automobiles relies heavily on their locks, it is prudent to be aware of techniques that can be useful in an emergency. The above-mentioned steps can surely help in fixing the  lock and can pull you out of these kinds of troubles. Always remember these things if your lock stops working, as all of them have been tried and tested.

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