10 Biggest Trucking Companies in the World

Trucks have always been an integral part of the tertiary sector of an economy. They are the connections that maintain the efficient working of the logistics chain.

From factories to ports and farm produce to online deliveries, a truck is a crucial delivery vehicle, and it is impossible to replace the transportation facility industry with anything else.

Given that, it is obvious that the industry is flourishing, and there is hardly any chance of a major change in where it is leading.

The trucking industry ensures the smooth operations of the global market, catering to the needs of big enterprises to individuals. Besides, it is also a huge source of job opportunities.

So, what are some of the biggest leaders of this thriving industry? Let’s take a look.

10 Biggest Trucking Companies in the World

Here’s a list of the 10 ruling companies of the global trucking industry you might want to check out for your company’s transportation needs or if you are planning on investing in a stable sector.

1. J.B. Hunt Transport Services

Revenue: $9.6 Billion

Net Income: $506 Million

Exchange: NASDAQ

j.b. Hunt transport services 810x425

Source: talkbusiness.net

Established in 1961, J.B. Hunt Transport Services is a leading trucking company in the United States. It has gained a big name in this industry because it delivers multiple premium services to its users in Mexico and Canada.

The company’s operations are controlled by its Arkansas-based headquarter. It focuses primarily on operating big semi-trailer vehicles.

It has grown significantly in the past few years and achieved the position of one of the best trucking companies in the World.

2. Seino Holdings Co. Ltd.

Revenue: $5.7 Billion

Net Income: $218.5 Million

Exchange: OTC

seino holdings co.ltd

Source: seinoindomobil.co.id

Seino Holdings is a Japanese company offering diversified transportation facilities ranging from truck and cargo movement to storage. In addition, customs brokerage and insurance services are also benefits this leading trucking organization gives.

Its business scope further includes the selling and repairing of multiple automobile components, passenger vehicles, and various types of trucks.

Over the years, the company has gained a huge reputation. It has ensured to expand its operations in other areas, including the marketing and promotion of paper and fuel items, providing truck terminals on a lease, and the supply of staffing facilities. The rapidly increasing market capitalization is an indicator of the quality activities furnished by this brand.

3. Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc.

Revenue: $4.8 Billion

Net Income: $310 Million

Exchange: NYSE


Source: azcentral.com

With an impressive fleet of more than 23,000 truck units, this Arizona-based company has both privately owned vehicles and those owned by the drivers themselves.

It is the second-largest transportation service provider in the country. However, the company’s terminals are accessible from all the US and Mexico important trade areas.

Moreover, Knight-Swift’s business activities involve management facilities and brokerage. As a result, their range of freight services is also expanded to flatbed, refrigerated, and dedicated routes.

4. Yellow Corporation’s YRC Freight

Revenue: $4.6 Billion

Net Income: $19.4 Million

Exchange: NASDAQ

Yellow Corporation YRC 810x450

Source: ttnews.com

Another one of America’s most dominant trucking companies is the Oklahoma-based YRC Freight, a subsidiary under the Yellow Corporation. It has more than 300 terminals all over the country.

It specializes in less-than-truckload and short-haul shipping solutions. Before this, it was originally a taxi and bus company but later merged with other transportation corporations.

The company now handles different modes of freight movements across multiple supply chains operating around the World. To facilitate the effortless movement of trucks across different corners of the World, they are equipped with premium quality lights like the watermelon under frame lights from Shift Products to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.

5. Schneider National, Inc

Revenue: $4.5 Billion

Net Income: $166 Million

Exchange: NYSE


Source: greenbaypressgazette.com

This is a Wisconsin-based company that started with its founder selling his own family car to buy a truck. The company now provides truckload, intermodal, and logistics services.

It owns more than 40,000 carriers and 6,000 drivers who work for brokerage, cross-dock logistics, pool point distribution, supply chain management, and port logistics, among many other services.

This trucking organization is renowned for its widest supply chain range and offers premium solutions related to the shipping of freight.

6. Landstar System Inc.

Revenue: $4.13 Billion

Net Income: $192 Million

Exchange: NASDAQ

Landstar System Inc. 810x464

Source: americasbesttrucking.com

Headquartered in Florida, United States, Landstar System Inc. has emerged as a trucking leader delivering reliable and premium logistic services. After more than 30 years of its incorporation, it has grabbed a reputed position in the supply of third-party logistics.

Due to its quality services, it is taking its trucking operations beyond the boundaries of the United States. It has initiated its services in distinct countries, including Canada, Mexico, and more.

In a trade deal, XPO Logistics bought National Logistics of Landstar and attained the top rank in North America as the biggest web-based expeditor.

7. Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc.

Revenue: $4 Billion

Net Income: $589 Million

Exchange: NASDAQ

Old Dominion Freight Line Inc. 810x453

Source: ttnews.com

Old Dominion has been around for more than 85 years and is known for providing on-time logistics services to all its customers in the USA.

The company is a family of over 24,000 employees with around 250 service centers all over the country. It is based in Thomasville, North Carolina, and was founded in 1934 in Richmond, Virginia.

It provides regional, inter-regional, and national less-than-truckload shipping services. Alongside, it also offers logistics and household moving services.

8. TFI International Inc.

Revenue: $3.9 Billion

Net Income: $243.4 Million

Exchange: NYSE and the Toronto Stock Exchange

TFI International Inc. 810x456

Source: freightwaves.com

TFI International Inc. is a Canadian logistics company handling distinct transportation services in North America.

It provides complete logistics facilities through trucks, including the pickup of goods, transporting them, tracking their status, and ensuring safer deliveries to customers. However, it has eventually diversified its services in distinct industry verticals and multiple nations.

The company also provides a delivery facility for smaller goods under its less-than-load category

The other segment of truckload offers accelerated transportation services, container facilities, and flatbed shipping practices. Package and Couriers are also among the broad list of the company’s business operations.

9. ArcBest Corp.

Revenue: $2.8 Billion

Net Income: $28.5 Million

Exchange: NASDAQ

arc best Corp. 810x401

ArcBest Corp. is a trucking company having its roots deeper in the country. It offers its supplying services and intermodal facilities at the global and country-level and delivers them to distinct smaller regions.

High-quality logistics and immediate support for roadside commercial automobiles are the two primary aspects that have immensely contributed to the growth of this company.

It also collaborates with third-party service providers to ensure better facilities for every customer. 

Hassle-free movement of commodities is possible using ArcBest’s standard less-than-truckload service. Users can also avail themselves of personalized facilities and self-moving services for easy and cost-effective transportation.

10. Werner Enterprises Inc.

Revenue: $2.4 Billion

Net Income: $149.7 Million

Exchange: NASDAQ

Werner Enterprises Inc. 810x539

Source: esri.com

Recognized for facilitating intrastate and interstate transportation, Werner Enterprises Inc. is a haul-truck organization responsible for the movement of public commodities. It operates in countries like Canada, Mexico, China, the United States, etc.

However, its business is not only restricted to trucking services but also generates revenue from other non-trucking segments.

In 2024, it was awarded as the first Military Friendly Company. It had received this title because of its top-notch logistics and transportation facilities.

Final Thoughts

Increasing interconnectivity around the World is raising the need to make modifications to transportation services. The trucking industry can emerge as a major contributor to it.

Thus, the leading trucking companies are enhancing their core delivery systems and introducing significant changes to their freight and non-trucking strategies. It has increased the ease of movement of commodities while helping companies improve their annual turnovers.

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