Signs that It’s Time to Change the Spark Plug

Do you know how a spark plug works? It is such a simple but so important item in running engine. Therefore it is vital that it is in good condition for the vehicle to perform as expected. Before you understand how to keep it in good condition it pays to know its principle.

The spark plug is responsible for generating the spark (electric spark), key to good engine performance and fuel consumption. It is an electrical device that fits the cylinder head in an internal combustion engine and receives the voltage of 20 or 30 thousand Volts from the coil through the distributor rotor. Due to the property of continuity of current circulation in the inductive circuits, it makes a spark jump at its tip. As this part is inside the combustion chamber, such a spark causes the air / fuel mixture drawn from the carburetor or electronic injection to explode, causing the piston to move away and consequently to operate the vehicle.

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There are a number of factors that can influence this durability and compromise the efficiency of this part, such as dirty air and fuel filters, low-speed long-running engine, delayed or early ignition point, worn or leaky ignition cables, valves defective injectors, and especially the use of poor quality fuel, which generates carbonization of the electrodes, ignition failure, excessive consumption, increase of emission of pollutants etc.

Therefore, before changing candles or even when replacing them, also check the state of use of these components, so that the whole set works perfectly and has the guaranteed durability. Check out the quality spark plugs on

It is recommended that spark plugs be evaluated at each engine overhaul. When checking the plugs, the repairer must use a calibrator to make sure that the clearance between the electrodes is within the factory specifications.

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The technician also needs to evaluate excessive wear and rounding on the electrodes, as well as the symptoms of faults and excessive consumption and emissions of pollutants from the engine. Incorrectly installed spark plugs can cause serious damage to the motor, such as a spark plug having a longer thread size than the specified, as well as excessive tightening or imperfect fitting, which, in addition to breaking the spark plug, the thread of the head.

All these components working in good condition contribute to the engine, besides having good performance, are economical and do not pollute the environment.

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