Chevrolet: the Benefits of Stop Blocker

The number of kilometers driven on any trip can influence the decision of the driver to purchase a particular car. So, if the mileage is too high, then this indicates the need for significant costs – and often they go to car maintenance. If the odometer shows low numbers, then such a car, on the contrary, attracts a buyer. The whole point is that the fewer miles a car has traveled the more well-groomed and attractive it is. Agree that you want to take what is still new.

Main Technical Characteristics



There is a mileage blocker chevy for almost any car brand, even if the production year is not the most recent. In general, all stop filters are made in the same way, i.e. there is not much difference between them. But to be sure that you have a high-quality stop filter for mileage, you need to make sure of its technical features. Here are some important points:

  • An engine blocker on a car is usually produced in special high-quality heat-resistant cables.
  • The control of the stop filter is very simple, just press a certain combination of buttons on the place where the odometer is fixed.
  • While driving, you can safely turn the filter on and off, nothing will happen to the system even if it turns off on the go.
  • If you remove the module, the mileage will not increase on its own, it will stand still;
  • There will be no errors and signals that there is some kind of system failure, and the navigation panel works normally after installing the filter.
  • Each time you do not need to configure the device, just one installation is enough;
  • Mileage cannot be detected by any diagnostic devices.

Imagine how convenient it is to pass an inspection at the dealer, showing a brand-new car with low mileage. After that, the car will serve you for a very long time.

Benefits and Pros

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A mileage blocker and installing it is kind of the only legal option that can be used. This is a unique action that every driver who worries about his car should try. A huge plus is that the mileage blocker can be turned on in different modes.

You can turn on the option that suits you at the moment for the situation. A certain mode you like is set at the right time. For example, the device can take into account 10%, 20%, or not fix the mileage in the air. The latter option is very useful for checking your car as it does not add unnecessary mileage.

Also, the main plus is that the ease of use of the filter will not keep you waiting. Such a useful system is much simpler than it seems. One press of buttons or keys — and you have already turned on the stop mileage system. On Chevrolet, the buttons are often located on the side of the steering wheel. That is why it is better to see in advance where their combination is located so that you do not have to look for a long time later.

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