What the Color of Your Car Says About You

We’ve already talked before about what the style of your car says about your personality, but does the color of your car give any insight into who you are? Let’s find out and see if you agree with our idea of what the color of your car says about you.

Take a break from looking into a new helmet from Get Lowered Cycles, and let’s get into it.


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If you have a black vehicle, then you mean business. You cut straight to the point when it comes to matters at hand, and you’re most likely a CEO, entrepreneur, or business leader. A black vehicle evokes a sense of power and control, two things that you exude.


White cars show that you are someone who likes to stick with what works. This is one of the most common car colors, and you love it as you’re a traditionalist at heart. You most likely value family time and building healthy and meaningful friendships. You know what really matters to you, and you always stick to your values.


You like the finer things in life if you’re riding around in a silver vehicle. There’s something about the color that draws you in, and it could have something to do with how many luxury things are silver. You’re likely sophisticated and have no shame in letting people know this. It doesn’t mean you’re egotistical, but instead, you’re sure of who you are and you’re comfortable sharing it with the world.


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Gold vehicles are becoming increasingly rare, so if you’re cruising around town in one, then that means you don’t care much for what people think of you. In fact, you probably go against what’s considered mainstream and trending. You prefer to march to the beat of your own drum and you’re highly independent.


If you’re rocking a red vehicle, then you’re probably the life of most parties. You’re someone who captures the attention of anyone in the room, and you do so because of your fun, witty, and adventurous personality. You’re most likely an extrovert with a wild side.


Yellow is a color that’s often associated with the warm summer sun or cheerful sunflowers that pop up in Spring. That’s why it comes as no surprise that if you have a yellow car, you’re likely warm, friendly, and optimistic. You’re the person that people turn to if they’re looking for a little pick-me-up.


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Source: lajolla.com

Like yellow cars, blue cars also have a sense of nature to them. You could think of the vastness and beauty of the ocean or a tranquil mountain lake. The thing with water, though, is that it comes in many forms. If you have a blue car, it’s likely that you’re someone who doesn’t like to be tied down. You enjoy freedom and flexibility, and you’re probably always seeking out a new adventure.


Either you’ve sold Mary Kay products in the past or you are a total feminist at heart if your vehicle is pink. You love all things dainty and feminine, and you also have a quirky side to you. You aren’t afraid to embrace your true colors, and you love everything that goes into embracing your inner Goddess.

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