Common Causes of Noisy Cars

If you’ve found that your car has been making a noise, it’s easy to assume the worst. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, in many cases, an unexpected noise won’t be quite as bad as it seems on the surface, and knowing about the different reasons can help you decide on the next steps to take for your vehicle.

7 Common Causes of Noisy Cars You Need to Know 


Noisy cars are a major worry. But don’t panic; we’ve outlined seven of the main out-of-the-ordinary noises you should know to help.

1.  Clicking When Turning the Engine On

One of the most worrying noises to hear when turning your car on is a clicking noise (accompanied by the engine struggling to start). This doesn’t actually mean your entire engine is knackered, though. Usually, it’s just a sign that the battery’s running low or flat and needs a recharge or replacement.

2. Tapping When Turning the Engine On

Another common issue, similar to a clicking sound, is tapping. Tapping noises, especially if they’re metallic, will often be the result of low engine oil. As such, topping the engine oil up may be enough to help resolve the issue.

3. Roaring When Accelerating

Engine Sounds Loud When Accelerating 810x456

We expect our cars to jump into action when accelerating, but if you notice a roaring sound, this could be a sign that your vehicle has an air leak in the engine.

4. Thuds When Going Over Bumps

Going over bumps in the road can always be a source of discomfort – but if your car’s suspension systems have gone, this will likely compound the issue. A lack of suspension may cause a much more unpleasant driving experience, too, so this is important to be aware of.

5. Banging Noises

When you’re on the go, a banging noise can be a serious cause for concern – and, in some cases, this may be justified. For example, a burst tire could be a very significant risk. However, there are also many other things that could cause banging noises, such as exhaust issues or problems with the track rod, among others.

6. Noises While Steering

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Your car’s steering is largely controlled by the power steering system, which helps supply power to the car’s wheels (and prevents the driver from manually having to do so). However, if you notice strange noises while steering, there’s a good chance this could be due to power steering issues; alternatively, it may relate to issues with the wheels, tracking, or suspension systems, among others.

7. Humming Noises While Driving

If you notice a humming noise while driving, this could be an issue with the wheel bearings. This is most often due to excessive heat and friction around the wheels, and these will likely need to be replaced to keep your driving safe. 

Final Thoughts 

We all know the sounds our cars usually make – but if yours has started making new noises, being aware of the potential causes can really help. Of course, this will often depend on your car’s history; so, if you’re buying a new vehicle, make sure you try a car check first to avoid purchasing a vehicle that’s likely to have issues attached. 

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