Is Claiming For Motor Accidents Difficult? Know-How One Can Claim It

Driving is supposed to be fun, but a single accident has the potential to ruin your life. There are several instances wherein your vehicle could get stuck in a swamp or get damaged during a storm. In these conditions, it is better to contact an insurance firm to get your motor insurance claim settled.

There are different types of motor accident schemes in the country of Australia, where cities like Victoria, New South Wales, and Tasmania provide benefits for people injured in motor vehicle accidents on a no-fault basis. South Australia and Western Australia comprise schemes that rely on an injured person establishing negligence against the other party. The claims offer reasonable treatment, care, and support according to their benchmarks.

In the event of a motor accident, filing for insurance can help you pay for the financial issues incurred. There are even some cashless claims that are quite convenient to choose. With the advent of digitization, the process of claiming an insurance claim has been simple and easy.



You can get to see several online platforms that are instantly helping you to get approvals and assist you significantly in the claim process. Visit website and get to know the proper and more straightforward methods of claiming your motor accident insurance.

When injured in a car accident, there are specific steps to follow to get your insurance claim process started. The following steps may help you guide through important decisions you need to make whether you are at fault or not. Check out these next steps within strict timeframes and file for your claim –

  • Step 1 – Immediately after the motor accident, call 911 and notify the police about the accident. Wait for emergency personnel to help you out from the mess safely, especially if the accident has been severe.

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  • Step 2 – Turn off your engine, and warn other vehicles to slow down from a distance with flares.
  • Step 3 – Check on your belongings and other passengers who are injured. Call for an ambulance if the injury is too severe.



  • Step 4 – Move towards a safety zone and move your car to the side of the road to not cause any inconvenience to other vehicles.
  • Step 5 – Exchange contacts with the driver; take authentic details of his whereabouts and insurance information of the other vehicle that has caused the accident. In situations where multiple cars are involved, get all the registration numbers of them as well for records.



  • Step 6 – Take pictures of your vehicle from all angles that show the damages correctly to your car. In case of witnesses to the accident, take their names and details as they might come in handy for your claim to be processed.
  • Step 7 – File an FIR of the accident at the nearest police station and mention all the details of the scene appropriately and also carry some images of the accident site as proof of evidence. Keep this FIR document handy at the time of filing a claim with your insurer to claim the process.
  • Step 8 – With all the above-collected documents, visit your insurer and tell them what happened precisely and process your claim by attaching all the needed evidence.


  • Step 9 – Complete all sections of the claim form properly to avoid unnecessary delays with your claim. If you are a victim of the motor accident, then you must complete the Notice of Accident Claim Form Non-Fatal Injury. If your spouse or a family member has sustained a fatal injury, then you must fill Notice of Accident Claim Form Fatal Injury.
  • Step 10 – If you have hired a lawyer to act on your behalf, then attach a Law Practice Certificate with the Motor Accident Insurance claim form.
  • Step 11 – To consider the funding of treatment and rehabilitation, attach a medical copy attested by a medical practitioner with your claiming form.


By following and understanding all these steps, you can protect yourself from unnecessary worries.

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