Midsize SUV vs Full Size SUV: Which is Better

Midsize SUVs or full size SUVs? Car shoppers are often confused between the two. As SUVs are the finest vehicles for space, good looks, and affordable prices, they are quite preferred by people nowadays. However, when it comes to size, people are sceptical because both of these options have their own benefits. You must choose the ideal car based on your preferences and requirements.

To ease things up for you, we have differentiated both the SUVs, so you can find out the better option for yourself:

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Third Row Access

When it comes to SUVs, third rows are quite common for both midsize and full size options. However, the ultimate question is how often do you want to use third seats for your car. 

Would you use it every now or then, or maybe once in a blue moon? If you are a regular-rear seat user, you should go for the full size SUVs. Meanwhile, if you are not very fond of third rows and may not use them often (except for emergencies), a midsize SUV will be a better option.

Family Members

Midsize SUVs are best for a family of 5, including three children. So, if you want adequate overhead, leg space, and moderate seating for your small family, midsize SUVs are good to go. However, if you have a large family, you must go for large size SUVs, as some of these cars can carry up to 9 people easily!

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Gas Mileage

For lesser gas mileage, midsize SUVs surely win the battle. The reason is obvious, these cars carry fewer people and hence are lighter, so you wouldn’t have to struggle with gas usage. For example, if you buy Haval H6, a classic midsize SUV that delivers impeccable technology and outstanding safety, you can stay assured of lightweight and smooth performance. However, in the case of full size SUVs, it may not be as suitable as mid size SUVs for gas mileage as they carry a large number of people. 


Your SUV preferences also depend on the location where you live. If you live in a tight city with loads of traffic, having a full size SUV can be a bummer because it’s a large vehicle. You would face issues with its parking and driving, too, especially if you live in narrower lanes. For such locations, you must go for mid size SUVs as they are comparatively smaller but with enough space to sustain your family. 

Driving Atmosphere

Large size SUVs wouldn’t be a requirement unless you have really rugged roads that are tough to drive on. Instead, you must go with mid size SUVs that run perfectly on smooth roads and give the best driving experience. Mid-size SUVs are moderately compatible with rugged roads, but they are best for highways and city driving.

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Which One’s the Better?

It depends on you. If you live in a city with smoother roads and you need less gas mileage, mid size SUVs are the ones to choose. Meanwhile, for a large car with more seatings, but a little extra gas mileage, you can try large size SUVs. 

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