Careful Driving: 5 Things You Should Never Do With Automatic Car

An automatic transmission automobile is one that automatically shifts the gears based on speed and does not have a clutch pedal. Such cars, in most cases, are better than manual ones and have advantages, such as allowing differently-abled individuals to drive because less manual labor is necessary while driving an automated car. In this article, we will tell you about five things you should never do while driving an automatic car.

What Are Some Things I Should Do While Driving an Automatic Car?

To be honest, there are many nuances to how to drive an automatic car properly. But for a safe and convenient drive, you should know only the five most important of them all.

Never Use All Feet



Please never do this if you don’t want to put your life at risk!

If you use two feet to drive an automatic transmission vehicle, you may cause an accident. This usually happens if you decide to press both pedals at the same time. Moreover, such action causes damage to the transmission fluid, torque converter, converter, and brake fluid of the car. If you want to drive an automatic car with both feet, you should buy a car that automatically applies the brakes when both pedals are pressed at the same time.

Never Drive Downhill While On Neutral

When you put the automobile in neutral, the fuel supply to the engine is stopped, which limits your ability to manage it because you can’t utilize the engine’s gears to slow down. This puts extra pressure on the primary breaks, which are your only option. Reduced control of the vehicle might be hazardous, particularly when you need to respond fast when traveling down a hill.

Never Forget To Shift To The Parking Brake

parking brake


Your car’s parking brake aids in keeping it stable while parked. If the parking brake is not engaged and the car’s gearbox is not locked, there is a significant risk that it may roll away. One of the most crucial things you must never do in an automated vehicle is this.

Never Switch To ‘Park’ Before An Automatic Car Stops Completely

Yes, most newer vehicles can prevent the driver from entering park mode until the vehicle has stopped moving. However, it is quite possible that you may hurriedly switch to parking when you need to stop. You should not do this, as it significantly affects the transmission and even damages it. The parking mechanism is not designed to stop the car. You. You need to turn it on only when the car is not moving.

Never Drive Frequently With Less Fuel In The Tank

man hand on car gear to drive the car royalty free image 1584913980 810x541


Over time, contaminants or foreign objects may collect at the bottom of your car’s gasoline tank. These pollutants may enter the engine while you drive with little gasoline. Long-term damage from this is done to your automobile.

Where to Rent an Automatic Car in Dubai?

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Now you know about five things you should never do while driving an automatic car, and also where you can rent one rent one in Dubai. Remember that careful driving saves not only the car but also your life. To not get into trouble, always consider the features of the vehicle you are driving.

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