10 Common Mistakes That Shorten Your Car’s Life

Every year, automobile manufacturers raise the standard by creating high-quality cars. Each model features new designs, along with its outstanding advantages. Having one could be a big investment for most individuals.

Cars provide many benefits to their owners like you. It may have been your best friend whenever you travel to different places, but have you been taking proper care of your automobile? If you’re unsure, you may try looking at these samples and see if you’ve been doing well in ensuring your car’s safety, condition, and functionality.

Aside from providing your vehicle the care it deserves, there may be instances when you’ve done something you didn’t realize was detrimental for it. While you’re driving on the road, continually committing such mistakes could result in shortening your car’s lifespan.

If you’re wondering what these bad deeds are, here’s a list of typical errors you might’ve made that you should avoid.

1. Filling In Low-Quality Fuel

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One of the biggest mistakes you might’ve made is filling your car’s fuel tank with cheap and low-quality fuel or petrol. Stop tight-fisting on gasoline since it may lead to costly damage to your car’s engine and its other components down the road. Instead, use a top-rated quality fuel. Otherwise, your car’s performance and mileage will deteriorate.

2. Forgetting Maintenance and Repairs

Cars also need to be tuned up and repaired on time. If you keep forgetting or neglecting your car’s maintenance and repair schedules, you’re shortening its lifespan. Also, skipping their scheduled servicing might cost you a lot more in their next repair. So, always visit your trusted specialist and get your car tuned up or repaired on time.

3. Failing To Change Engine Oil on Time

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How often do you change your automobile’s engine oil? It appears that changing the oil on a regular basis is an essential routine car repair work. It’s crucial to keep your vehicle running correctly. Hence, go to the nearest auto mechanic for a fast and easy oil change. After all, as a car owner, it’s something you mustn’t ignore.

4. Driving On Empty Tank

Another bad deed is being too complacent about your car’s fuel. Avoid driving when you’re almost running out of fuel. Don’t wait until the fuel light warning turns on. If you do so, you’re also spreading the dirt or debris off your fuel tank through your car’s engine. Therefore, be sure to check the fuel tank before driving and always keep it filled.

5. Driving Through Potholes


Things break whenever they’re used above their limits. As with your car, driving them through potholes could surely shorten their lifespan regardless of how aligned every component is. If you’re driving recklessly through those holes, you’re hurting the car’s suspension and breaking its rims, too. So as much as you can, avoid potholes, especially when you’re driving at a higher speed.

6. Infrequent Driving

If you keep using your car every day, you can strikethrough this number. However, if you’ve been storing and not driving your vehicle for an extended period, you’re inadvertently destroying its battery, misshaping its tires, and storing staled fuel.

Whenever you have the intentions of storing your car, be sure to do the following:

  • Find a decent parking spot, preferably inside.
  • Give it a thorough wash to protect its paint.
  • To keep it around for a longer time, overfill the tires.
  • Use peppermint oil to defend your car against rodents
  • Connect the battery to a trickle charger to keep it alive.

7. Resting Your Hands on The Gearshift Lever

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Does your car operate manually? If so, avoid resting your hand on its gear shifter. Some drivers often do it unintentionally and naturally, but neither did they know; they’re actually contributing to the wearing out of the transmission’s components. Thus, be sure to avoid resting your hands on the gear shifter to prevent such complications.

8. Stepping Heavily on the Breaks

True, taking a break is alright. Yet, stepping on your car’s brakes forcefully causes abnormal wear on the pads and rotors. If you keep doing so, you might find yourself asking for replacements more often.

9. Using Incorrect Parts and Fluids

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As mentioned earlier, attending to your car’s needs by tuning or repairing them is important. However, if you do it with cheap or substandard parts or fluids, you’re limiting its usefulness. So, when it comes to changing its engine oil, spark plugs, and gasoline, don’t go for the cheapest option on the market—the more original and relevant the choice, the better.

10. Overlooking The Hood

Car owners tend to focus more on their car’s exteriors. They keep it clean and updated at all times. But, there’s one thing they might’ve forgotten—under the car’s hood. It’s critical to keep your car’s undercarriage clean in order to avoid both electrical and mechanical issues. Aside from that, it may eliminate accumulated sludge and dirt from your engine chambers. It may not be easy, but it’s necessary to avoid shortening your car’s lifespan.

The Bottom Line

Take care of your vehicle by avoiding the common mistakes aforementioned. For example, don’t miss scheduled repairs, avoid driving through holes, change what has to be changed, and always check your car’s fuel. These steps may be simple, but they can make a significant difference in your car’s lifespan. After all, it’s one of the major investments a person could’ve made.

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