Fond Of F1 Cars? Modifications That You Can Get To Have A Similar Car

We all love cars. For us, our cars are extensions of our personality. Some of us will go the extra mile to make our cars cool, hep and ultra-mod. The definition of the mod may vary from one person to another. For you, performance means mod so you will rework the suspension, engine, brakes, etc. to make your car perform like an F1. The other guys would focus on the car accessories. The third person would instead make his car more comfortable.

But, what if you get a complete list of modifications for your car that turns it into an F1 replica? At a minimal cost coincidentally? Now that your heart is racing read this article to know how to make your car the latest supermodel on the streets.

1. Headlight covers

farovi scaled


This is the first thing that people will notice in your ‘new’ car. You can have some fancy headlight covers that go with the look and feel of your car. If your car is white, don’t go in for a black cover. Colour and style coordination is the key.

2. Fog lamps

fog 1 scaled


Do you need fog lamps if there is no fog in your area? If you still love the idea of a shiny fog lamp, go for it, pick those that add to your style. Normally, fog lamps are put on the front bumper.

3. Vanity plates

varaty scaled


Your car may not be an F1 but make a few heads turn by putting on sassy looking vanity plates. You could also consider having special registration numbers for a price. Be sure to read up the local state police laws before you put that fancy vanity plate.

4. Engine oils

engine 1 scaled


Make your car zoom like the F1 by having tailor-made engine oils. Some oils work with specific engines. Some gasoline stations dispense high-speed engine oils so that you can have those for superior performance. Be sure, however, to use the right fuel, else; your engine would freeze. The same goes for your other oils like brake and gear oils.

5. Make your car lighter

F1s run at incredible speeds because they are light. Reduce your unwanted load and maximize your speed. This way, your engine would also work at optimum levels. To do the necessary overhauling, why don’t you visit website for this excellent workshop?

6. Headlight upgrades



If you have an old car, it would have halogen lamps. You can upgrade those with High-density discharge or LED lamps. The latter is inexpensive but gives out a glamorous effect to your car.

7. Interiors

Spruce up your interiors with an LED lighting kit. As said before, Light Emitting Diode technology is making our homes and cars jazzy and exciting. You could add some exciting colour schemes inside and create some magic.

8. Seat covers

seat scaled


These come in various colors, designs, and materials, but most people prefer leather seat covers. Seat covers, apart from adding style, also hide unwanted spots like stains, etc.

9. Racing stripes

These don’t come cheap but are cheaper than fresh paint. You can have your car wrapping and racing stripes from most of the auto accessory shops located in Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, etc. You would need an expert while putting them on your car body. A poorly installed car wrapping means a bad looking car, and when you tear it down, the wrapping may damage your exteriors.

10. Car window films

film scaled


These, apart from looking cool, also protect you from UV rays and harsh sunlight. Again, check local laws while installing window films.

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