Fog Lights in Cars: All You Need to Know

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Your used car may come with factory fitted fog lights. If you drive through poor visibility terrain regularly, then you should consider getting them fitted in your car. The current article provides details on their utility in your car.

What are Fog Lights?

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Fog lights are specially designed in a manner to emit brightness in a bar-shaped beam. The light emitted is directed towards the road ahead. They are generally placed below the front bumper of your car. There are different switches for the regular headlights and fog lights in your car’s dashboard. The purpose of installing them is to provide you improved visibility while driving through poor visibility conditions which are caused by fog, rain, snow, etc. When everyone drives in high beam mode, there can be considerable reflection and glare on your eyes which can be dangerous in poor visibility conditions. They help in reducing glare and improving visibility.

How Do They work?

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They are useful in improving visibility while driving through fog, snow, mist, etc. They are placed as low as possible, generally below the front bumper of your car. This is done to ensure that the light emitted from them touches the road below without any hindrance. Due to the sharp cut-off angle, they do not reflect back from the fog which means there is no reflection or glare on your eyes while driving. They illuminate the road ahead and help you drive through poor visibility.

Which Type is Best for Your Car?

They are manufactured in different colors. Selective yellow fog lights are the most recommended and widely used by car owners. Using blue or violet colored ones can be dangerous as due to their shorter wavelength, they produce greater glare and dazzle in foggy conditions. Selective yellow lighting overcomes this problem and does not create unnecessary dazzle or reflection and improves your safety.

When to Use Them?

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Using fog lights while driving in good weather conditions is useless. You should only turn them on when the visibility turns poor. If you are driving through poor visibility conditions and you experience dazzle and reflection, you should immediately turn-off the high-beam mode and switch to low-beam mode. If you are unable to see clearly and continue experiencing excess dazzle and reflection while driving in low-beam also, it’s time to turn them on.

You must remember that they only illuminate the road immediately ahead of you and don’t provide you long-range illumination. This means you should not drive fast while using them.

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