Looking At Vehicles In Car Yards & Dealers at Mildura VIC

If you have ever driven in a new car then you can understand how great the feeling is, the smell, the look, and the smoothness of the engine. There is something luxurious about buying a car or even test driving one from the dealership, the vehicles seem shinier, more comfortable, and all these factors play into you buying the perfect style for your drive.

My husband and I have been to quite a few car shops, dealerships, and pre-owned vehicle yards looking for the right fit for our next car.

We needed something that was not only aesthetically pleasing (because we weigh looks on par with functionality) but an economical and fuel-efficient one to take on the task of the mammoth mileage we are about to embark on with our children’s sporting extra-curricular. If you want to find out more about this topic you can also check vehiclefreak.com.

What to look for.

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Having a basic idea of what aspects of a new vehicle you are looking for will make the decision that much easier as opposed to going in with blinkers on and ending up purchasing a car that isn’t right for your needs or budget for that matter.

Many a time people think they will handle a salesperson with ease and not be succumb to their smooth-talking sales pitches, only to discover this is exactly what has happened. Now you have signed on the dotted line for a vehicle that is going to put pressure on your monthly budget for the next 5 years. This is not stress we were looking for or willing to take on board simply for looks.

Writing down why we needed the car, how much we were willing to spend, and the features we would like but weren’t a necessity for us helped us narrow our search. We went to the dealers with this paper each time and would ask questions based on our bullet points.

If you click here you will find some handy tips and advice on how to go about what is best when considering purchasing a car. If you do your research and homework beforehand it can save you not only time by not looking at unsuitable vehicles but financially by not wasting money.

That time spent jotting down your concerns is worth the savings in the long run.

How to choose a vehicle.


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If you are still feeling overwhelmed by all the choices and decisions that need to be confirmed then take a moment to run through this breakdown of points and use it as a foundation for your car choice.

  • Expectations. Know the function of the car and its intended purpose. This immediately eliminates a large chunk of vehicles and categorizes the make and model of car that will be appropriate.
  • Lease or buy. For us, we opted to buy a new car but a lot of considerations were thought about during the discussions. We were fortunate enough to have a large sum to put up front as a deposit while the car was ordered, and the balance paid on delivery.

But before this, we had always leased and the upside of this was we were able to pay it off in installments that worked for us financially at the time as well as trading it in when the final months rolled in.

A lot of perks come with the leasing side of the conversation, see here for the advantages of a leased vehicle, and either way that you decide to go the main objective is to find a reliable and trustworthy car to get you and your family from A to B.

  • Test drive. I was not keen at first on this element of the car buying process having to sit in a vehicle and not being ‘relaxed’, trying to scrutinize every little detail, and also sitting in a seat that knows how many people have sat in before me.

However, it did help me not choose that particular vehicle in the end even though it was initially a front runner based on aesthetics and statistics. Based on experience I highly recommend this step as it can be quite an eye-opener.

Finding a dealer or car yard.

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Once you and your husband have sat down and come to an agreement on what you want and which car will work for the family dynamics, now comes the final stage. Finding a reliable and reputable supplier.

Sure going to a well-known, big brand company is recommended by most, but small, more bespoke companies are great too. You want a firm that will listen to what you want, understand your budget without pressuring you into spending more than is comfortable for you, and makes you feel at ease.

Businesses and car yards that have employees that have been in the industry for a while will offer professional and subjective advice based on what you are looking for. To get you started take a moment to browse nstar.com.au for a helping hand on the road to a new driving experience. Not only can you see the options available on the market but you can take a look through and see stats and pricing to get an idea of the average cost you’re looking at.

A reliable and reputable company will have no issues answering any questions and queries you may have and based on the comments section on their website you can get a better understanding of their work ethics and the customer service you are likely to receive.

Strive to drive.

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Owning a car whether it be a pre-owned, brand new, or leased vehicle is an exciting time and one that not many people have the opportunity to afford. I currently live in a country where public transport is premium and for this reason, I can understand not needing a car.

For my husband and I, however, we enjoy the luxury of having a car and the convenience of simply jumping in and heading off to anywhere we please at the drop of a hat. Hence, our new vehicle is a pride and joy in the driveway.

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