Auto Transport – What Are The Best Options To Do It?

Due to the fact that it helps to overcome the spatial mismatch of production and consumption, transport is of great importance because it supports efficient exchange. However, its key role in the supply chain is also reflected in the fact that 40 to 50% of the costs are related to transport.

The concept of transportation

In the narrowest sense, transportation means the transfer or transport of things from one location to another. The term transport in a broad sense implies, besides to the carriage of goods – the carriage of passengers as well as the storage and provision of goods and documentation during the transport process.

Transport functions

Transport enables the transport, handling, loading, unloading and storage of products. There is a direct connection between transport and storage. Storage is much more efficient if:

  • Perform consolidation of deliveries
  • Adequate use of space in vehicles
  • They choose the best possible transportation routes

Truck Transport

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By its nature, transport within supply chains is freight. It can be land transport, water transport, air transport, etc. Trucking is one of the most commonly used modes of transport within the supply chain. Its basic advantages are reflected in its high flexibility and the fact that it does not require the transhipment of goods during transport and additional manipulation.

Trucking can be done with full trucks or the groupage. For full transport, the truck is only charged for the needs of one sender, and the operation covers the price of the full truck. These types of transport have low fixed costs, and the total cost depends almost entirely on the distance travelled. This is the most affordable mode of transport for relatively short deliveries of large quantities of goods.

Groupage transportation means that the goods are handed over to the freight forwarder who then transports them together with the goods of other clients who are sent to the same destination. The charge for this type of transport is based on the number of goods and the length of the journey. This type is suitable for the delivery of smaller quantities of goods.

But what about when the goods you transport are bulky, big and delicate – like cars? Such goods require special transporting conditions that will be primarily safe for cars being transported to a particular location. In this business, a key role is played by special trucks – autotransporters.

Open And Enclosed Auto Transport

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Today, there are many companies in this market that provide you with auto transport services and this procedure can be done very easily. It is enough to fill in the form and your car can soon be on its way to the desired destination.

Still wondering how to choose?

Each of these companies has its conditions and way of transportation. Many of them emphasize the transportation of vehicles to any bigger city, but how will these vehicles be delivered – that is depending on the company itself. Many of them are using tractor-trailers as a transportation method. However, you can also choose between those that offer you open or enclosed auto transport. Although both methods use the truck as a means of transportation – there are differences.

Open Auto Transport

When it comes to open auto transportation – the image we often see on the roads always comes to mind. It’s a truck that pulls a big long trailer. This trailer is usually on two levels, and it has stacked cars on it. Trailers like this are opened on every side. This means these trailers have no roof or sides. The cars that are transported in this way are often exposed to a variety of external factors – from weather, rain, or wind, to the impact of stones that may be left behind on the road. The freight trucks themselves are very large and are about 80 feet long.

Benefits and Downsides

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Like any type of transport, this one also has its advantages and disadvantages. Whether you decide on it depends on your needs and assessments. When it comes to the benefits, it should be noted that this is the least expensive option, especially when it comes to shorter distances. Another advantage is the visibility of the trailer that transports the cars.

Specifically, the driver from his position can inspect the vehicles while in transit. The third advantage is related to costs. Namely, since this type of truck is lighter than closed truck models, it also has less fuel consumption. This brings us to two more benefits – saving money on fuel and conserving the environment.

Enclosed Car Transporting

Another form of auto transportation is enclosed one. That implies that the truck has a trailer which is enclosed from all sides as well as the roof. Therefore, such type of transporting gives security while in transit.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Enclosed Transporting

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This type of vehicle transportation is most commonly used when it comes to expensive car models. These include sports cars, luxury vehicles and sedans, as well as old-timers that have high value in the sales market. Of course, this type of transportation provides the maximum level of safety and protection against possible damage.

First of all, closed vehicles guarantee that transported cars will not be exposed to adverse weather conditions. You do not have to worry about your 4-wheeler being exposed to the strong sun, rain, snow or dirt and pebbles that can be found along the way.

The advantages of this mode of transport are obvious, but such transport also has its disadvantages. Namely, a closed trailer cannot allow the driver to exercise control over the vehicles during transit. Certainly, this mode of transport is also less affordable due to the price of fuel. Such trucks are more heavy than open, so fuel consumption is far greater. This can sometimes be a big expense, especially if the cars are transported over a greater distance.


If you want to choose the right way to transport your car, you need to think carefully about what your needs and capabilities are. If you are transporting a vehicle that is an old-timer or an antique class, you will certainly be provided with a closed trailer on a transport truck. On the other hand, you need to know that this is certainly not a cost-effective mode of transportation, especially when it comes to long routes.

On the other hand, if you are transporting a less expensive vehicle or a vehicle that already has some damage – then transport with an open trailer is a better choice. However, the cost of this type of transportation is significantly lower.

What is always advised is to make your choice based on multiple offers. Have at least three to four offers among which you will be able to opt for the one that works best for you.

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