4 Most Expensive Presidential Cars in the World

The history of the world is very interesting to follow and study. From it, one can learn many things that have gone through the past, and today we can see many things that in the future will be spoken and retold as something that happened in the past and something that will be remembered. Thus, in the past, the history of the whole world, and especially of the countries around it, was constantly changing. Rulers have changed, territories have been reshaped, presidents have changed until today when we live in a world that is as we know it, that is, as we see it today.

As we have already said, the rulers of the countries have changed over the years, and today it is the governments and presidents who lead the countries. In the past, kings were considered the head of a state, and today it is considered the presidents who are elected in almost every state for a maximum of 5 years. Over the years, their responsibilities have changed, and with that, the things that have come to them from the state itself have changed. So if they used to have fewer rights, today they get more rights such as security, their own team that will work with them, then their own cook, home helpers, gardeners, and other staff, a villa where they will live and of course – a presidential car.

It is, in fact, the only thing that has remained the same from the past. In the past, each ruler had his own chariot drawn by horses, in front of and behind which there were followers who guarded him during transport. Today, every president has his own presidential car with which he travels to meetings across the country, but also to presidential visits that are made outside the country. These vehicles must first of all be safe, be armored, made of the highest quality materials, and have everything necessary for this high statesman to arrive safely from one place to another.

For everything to be as it is foreseen, it is necessary to specially order the vehicle with those characteristics, and that actually costs a lot (which is no secret). This means that every single car belonging to a president is expensive, but which one is the most expensive? That is the topic of today’s article, and the goal is to investigate which of the statesmen has the most expensive car. Are you ready to find out more on this topic together? Let’s get started!

1. The Cadillac Beast

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Source: autonews.com

A Cadillac model specially made for the President of the United States – the number one most expensive vehicle in the world, driven by a president is the one specially made by the car manufacturer Cadillac, named Beast. Why a beast? Because it has the best components produced by this manufacturer, it has all the features that the US security services have requested, which makes it simply a beast compared to the features that other cars of presidents have. It costs about 1 million and 300 thousand euros, which makes it the most expensive motor vehicle purchased for a state, and for which vehicle you can read more and find out what it contains.

2. BMW 7 Series

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Source: abc.net.au

The pride of the Australian President – if a vehicle stands out for its exclusivity and refinement, then the President of Australia can be proud of that. This is the best thing that has ever come out of the BMW manufacturer, and that is the BMW 7ma series. A beautifully sculpted vehicle according to the requirements of the Australian security services that meets all the requirements of the services, but also those that the president himself has. It abounds in safety, security, comfort, and boasts a more decent price than that of the vehicle for the President of the United States, which is about 415 thousand euros.

3. HongQi L5

hongqli5 810x456

Source: drivetribe.com

A specially prepared vehicle for the Chinese president that looks retro but has top features – when it comes to appearance, China boasts its rather expensive, yet retro enough and well-equipped vehicle. It is a HongQi L5 vehicle specially designed for the Chinese first man. This is a model that is made in the style of the vehicles that were made in the 50s of the last century and a vehicle that according to the external characteristics is a copy of the vehicles of that time. The interior boasts state-of-the-art equipment that is a moving office that facilitates the work of the President of this country. Otherwise, this model is worth nearly 700 thousand euros, which makes it more expensive than that of the Australian president. It is a Chinese vehicle brand that is also available in some other countries in the world.

4. Mercedes Benz Pullman s600

A Mercedes Benz Pullman S600 810x608

Source: lankaepuwath.com

Mercedes Benz Pullman s600 is the pride that the Kenyan statesman can be proud of – to go a little bit to another part of the world, to see what the vehicle of the first man of the African Republic of Kenya is like. This statesman boasts of his top vehicle manufactured by the world-renowned Mercedes Benz products. It is a specially made Mercedes Benz Pullman s600 which is made to order by the security services of this country. It is made of the best materials, and contains everything that the president of this country has asked for, but also what turned out to be necessary during the trip. The estimated value of this vehicle is close to 500 thousand euros, which makes it also one of the most expensive vehicles in the world that was ever bought for a president of the country.

Many other presidential vehicles around the world are also made specifically for the country of origin of the order and are made to the highest standards of assembling a vehicle for the first person in a country to travel frequently and run his country, but these are the most expensive ones that stand out as state-of-the-art vehicles that meet all safety and communication standards. We hope that you have enjoyed reading these interesting facts that are coming from all around the world.

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