9 Car Maintenance Tips & Tricks to Prevent Major Repair

It is hard to imagine your life without your car. Not only that it helps in commuting, but many people use their vehicles for work as well. For that reason, being a car owner comes with a responsibility to ensure the longevity of your vehicle and prevent spending lots on repairs. 

Although we have heard of occasional observation of the liquids, many things help in the prevention of major repairs. 

Every car needs to be properly maintained, and that is the reason behind this article. In the following, we’ll provide some of the best maintenance tips to prevent expensive repairs, and have your car last longer. Keep reading and learn more. 

1. Observe your tires 

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Since you cannot drive without them, you should be sure that your tires have enough pressure. In case you are driving a newer vehicle, the sensors show this stat. However, if you are driving an older one, you should be sure to observe and fill them with air at least once a week. 

This is the time when you have to check the situation with your spare tire. Imagine the scenario where one of your regular tires gets flat, and your spare is deflated as well. You will have to call a towing service that usually costs a lot. For that reason, be sure that all of your 5 pneumatics are good and intact. 

Lastly, you should consider doing a tire rotation once in a while. Depending on the wheel drive, some tires get used more than others. For that reason, consider moving the front to the back and vice versa. This will increase the longevity for at least a year, which means the prevention of spending a couple of hundred dollars prematurely. 

2. Change the brakes on time

Ensuring safety in your vehicle is an essential process. The ability to stop efficiently whenever you want is one of the key features of driving a reliable vehicle. For that reason, having your brakes regularly replaced is heavily important. 

Sometimes, only the pads can be worn out while the discs are still in a good shape. By replacing the pads timely, you prevent unneeded use of the discs which will prevent spending your finances when it is not needed. Replacing the pads is inexpensive, and you should not be cheap for this activity. 

3. Changing oils and filters


Source: mechanicbase.com

This is something that every owner knows but still manages to avoid doing. It is hard to explain the importance of changing your oils and filters on time. With a process that is inexpensive and sometimes costs less than a hundred dollars, you really should be more responsible. 

Depending on the oil you use, you should do a replacement after every 10k kilometers and even sooner. In addition, the oil replacement should always be accompanied by getting new filters. Obviously, the filter for the oil, but also the filters for the fuel and air as well. 

Besides the oil for the engine, you should check the steering wheel oil and the glycerin for the brakes. This will surely increase the longevity of your vehicle mechanics and will make your car more reliable for you to enjoy driving. 

4. Battery status

Checking the battery status is another thing that falls under regular maintenance. Without it, you will not be able to turn on the engine which will surely cause frustrations. In addition, checking the battery is surely easy since all you have to do is observe the levels of the acid. 

In case the levels are too low, you can easily pour distilled water. You should also be sure that the diodes are clean. For that reason, get a simple metallic brush and swipe the diodes to prevent corrosion. This will increase the longevity of the battery, and with that prevent you from spending a couple of dollars before it is time.

5. Purchase quality parts


Source: certifiedsafedriver.com

While most maintenance works require new parts, you should be sure that you are only getting high-quality parts. They usually cost the same or a fraction more, but they will surely last longer which makes them economically the better option as suggested by radiumshop.co.uk

When looking for a part, you should research and find the brands that offer them. In addition, you should purchase your parts from an established store since they usually offer a warranty, so you will be sure that everything will work out fine. 

6. See how your suspension works

To ensure a smooth ride, you should occasionally inspect your suspension. When I say occasionally, it means at least once every 40-50k kilometers. If there is something wrong with the suspension, you will surely feel it, however, regular inspection will help in preventing unwanted scenarios. 

In case one side of your car has gone bad, you should consider replacing the whole suspension. It will surely break on other parts sooner than you think, so it’s better to do everything at once. 

7. Do you have enough coolant 

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Source: mechanicbase.com

Checking your coolant levels is something that has to be done at least once a week. Before you get in the car, pop the hood and see whether the liquids are on the level they should. If not, make sure to pour enough coolant to meet the middle of the bowl marks. 

If you notice that the coolant is going out of the system, and you have to constantly pour more, it may be time to check the hoses. By replacing broken hoses, checking the water pump, and being sure there is enough coolant liquid, you ensure the proper working temperature of the engine. This will prevent overheating, and having to spend more than a thousand on repairs, or throw the car away completely.

8. Be sure to replace the belts on time 

Another part of the regular large service is the replacement of the belts around the engine. If your car runs using a chain, you don’t have to replace it until it begins to make noises. However, the belts have to be replaced on time. 

If a belt pops, it can get inside the motor which will total your vehicle. This turns a hundred dollars obligation in service into a thousand dollars expense in repairs. Be sure to be responsible and do this every 100k kilometers or follow your car’s instructions. 

9. Keep everything clean

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Source: cars24.com

Lastly, you should constantly keep your car clean. With a process that does not cost too much, you prevent corrosion and you increase the aesthetic value of the vehicle. This increases your driving experience and makes you enjoy your stay in the car more. 

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