How To Choose The Right Body Kit For Your Car – 2024 Guide

Every car enthusiast bears a dilemma. And that’s no matter how much we want to hoard all the latest, sleekest and most high-performance kits to install in our ride, for justifiable reasons, we can’t. It just doesn’t work that way.

That’s because there are several things to consider to know if the body kit you’re eyeing is the right fit.

Firstly, the materials. The performance and durability of a body kit will ultimately depend on the materials used. Depending on what your priorities are, your choice of material will vary. The installation process is also a major factor. Are there experts around your area that can do the installation and slight modification? The last thing you want to see is a messed-up kit and car just because somebody claimed they know what they’re doing. And of course, your budget. Basically, it answers the question: how far can you go financially?

Long-time car heads who are already veterans in the game know about this very much. But if you’re a rookie in the league, don’t be intimidated by these questions. We’re here to help you out, anyways. So just sit back and consider this piece both welcome rites and schooling.

Find Your Style

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In the first stages of your car customizing process, you should decide what look you are going for. Do you prefer just subtle changes, do you want your ride to be a complete head-turner with loud colors and exaggerated pieces, or do you simply want your ride to be as classy and sporty at the same time as possible?

There are a lot of body kits and accessories out there. And a plethora of these upgrades can sometimes be overwhelming. So it’s only right to set the style you want to achieve beforehand, to help you narrow down your choices.

Factors such as colors, designs, and number of pieces, are only some things to consider during this stage.

Understand What Material is the Best Upgrade for You

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Body kits vary depending on what materials were used in the process. Currently, there are four types that are staples in the car customisation industry. It’s necessary to know what kind of material you’re buying so that you’ll know if it’s really the best for your car.

First up, fiberglass. It’s arguably the most requested or sought-after material of enthusiasts simply because it’s cheaper. It’s also light as a feather so added weight that might slow down your car is the least of your problems. It also has good heat-resistant qualities compared to other materials.
On the downside, its rigidness makes the installation quite a challenge. One little wrong move can break the whole piece.

Polyurethane, on the other hand, is more flexible than fiberglass. That’s why it’s easier to install and maintain. But if speed is your game, you might want to opt out. Because polyurethane is heavier than other materials. It’s also sensitive to heat to the extent that it warps when placed under high temperatures.

It’s also pricier than fibreglass.

For showroom-worthy and performance cars, carbon fibre is the material of choice. Its durable and lightweight qualities are proven and tested by racers and motorsports riders.

Lastly, the composite materials. As the name itself suggests, this material is produced by mixing various compounds. In fact, the materials mentioned above are only some of the components that are thrown in the mix. Which makes it even pricier than other materials.

Decide if You’re Going Full Body or Mix and Match

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There different types of body kits that you can choose. It depends on how many pieces you’re getting and which area of your car they will be installed in.

The full body customisation, which is probably the most popular, entails many inclusions. If you’re going to buy a full body kit, you should expect these:

  • hood replacements
  • front and rear bumpers
  • Left and right side skirts

If money is not the problem for you and you really want to go all in for the new and jaw-dropping look of your ride, then a full body kit is the best for you. Go big or go home, right mate?

Wide body kit, on the other hand, is what you should look for if you desire to beef up your ride a little bit. This kit will add, as the name suggests, width and muscle to your car. This can be an addition to the five-piece ensemble of a full body kit.

This is also popular for those vehicles with extra wide tires. Just a warning though, this kit can be expensive and challenging to install.

The bumper replacement kit is also difficult to install like the wide body kit. So you might want to ask a professional’s help. If you decide to do it on your own, a lot of damage can be done not only during the removal of the original bumpers, but also during the installation of the new piece.
If you’re looking to style your car with a sporty and racy look, then the ground effects kit, or “lip kit” is the best way to go. They generally have bolt-on components that can be installed to existing front and rear bumpers.

Of all types, this kit is probably the easiest to install and remove.

These are only some of the types of body kit that are available in almost any automobile shops. But if you want to take the road less taken, you can build your own mod by mixing and matching the custom pieces mentioned above.

This way, you can be more free and unique with the style of your ride and be versatile with your budget. The car head in you will surely jump with joy knowing that your ride is styled with your own personal touch.


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Rule of thumb: never install on your own. Unless you’re a custom car expert yourself, always seek help from professionals.

It’s not that we underestimate your desire and skills to modify your car, but this is not really the time to DIY. There are certified body shops who can customize your car professionally. And it’s the better option.

Just a heads up though, not all shops can install all types of body kits. There are experts out there who specialize in installation of fibreglass body kits but not in carbon fibre pieces, and vice versa. And that’s okay. So before you bring your car and accessories to the shop, contact them beforehand and make sure that they’re the right people for the job.

The last thing you want to see is your hard-earned money going all down the drain just because you decided to save the budget for the professional fee and do it on your own. Or worse, because you trusted people claiming to be experts to tinker with your treasured car and kit.

Who said it’s all done once the kit you bought arrived at your doorstep? No one, right? It’s a long way ahead after that so make sure to take the right decisions to fully achieve your dream ride.


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All endeavours require budget. Car customisation is not an exception. And in real life, budget always comes first.

We just placed it last, because we don’t want to spoil the fun of geeking out when talking about kits and mods. Because you know, budgeting is a bummer. But it’s a good problem to take on.

While there are car heads that are willing to spend a hefty price just to stand out, the truth is not everyone is like them. And that’s okay. You don’t have to cut deep through your pockets for the kits.

You can start small with what you can afford, or a piece at a time if that is feasible. What’s important is that you get started if you really want to do this.

Just be careful though. While there are more affordable options available in the market, they can only enhance the look of your car. But can they last? Based on experience, some of these cheap pieces are nothing compared to the pricier ones in terms of durability and performance.

So if we are in your shoes, we’ll be smart with our choices of brands of body kit. Make sure that you’re going for the body kits that wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg, but can achieve the style and performance that you’re going for.

Clearly, beefing up your car and sprucing it up is an expensive and laborious habit. It requires money and effort to get all the things right and fit. But if you’ll consider the factors mentioned above, you’ll get on the right track.

Just remember not to rush things and make wise decisions along the way. Once you’ve finally decided on what and when to buy your body kits, check out the huge collection of Ausbody Works, and for sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Don’t hesitate to throw in your questions and don’t worry. Because you and your ride are in good hands!

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