4 Ways to Save Precious Time During Corporate Travel

Travels tend to be time-consuming. When it’s for pleasure the time flies. But when you’re doing it for corporate purposes the situation is a bit different. The time stops. If the destination is no fun it can create a feeling like you’re in limbo. But, it’s also important not to waste any of it. Corporate travels mean that you’re traveling to conduct business and this means that the time is extra precious. While your mind will be pressured and focused on your work, it will be hard to think about anything else. This is why you need to come prepared. 

Preparation is half the win is what any football coach is going to tell you. So, if you already know what to do and how to behave the time might start working for you. If you want to avoid that feeling like the time is dripping away from you like it’s a part of a sand watch, you need to follow our advice. Now, this is not rocket science, but if you’re having your first business trip or simply didn’t give too much idea about this subject our article is going to be truly helpful. 

Time is money in the world of business so saving on it might be a priority for most people in the world of business. Getting on a plane, going through airports, reaching the hotel, and finally, the place where your meeting or presentation is going to be held can’t be done in a few minutes. But all the hassle between leaving home and attending a business meeting can be handled in a way that even George Clooney in Up in the Air would envy you. So, please keep reading and see what we have to say about the four ways to save precious time during corporate travel. 

1. Use Airport Services 

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This is where all the time waste starts. Airports are busy places with strict rules. If you’re a frequent traveler you already know this. For the majority of people, time will be wasted at an airport. You have checking, boarding, tickets, luggage, and many other things to handle before you even get on the plane. Then, when you arrive at your destination, a lot more of the same awaits. Safety and security are the focus of the airport employees, and most people believe they can’t do anything to avoid losing valuable time at the airport. But, all of them are wrong. What you could do is use the services of companies such as Geneva GVA meet and greet services. It’s their job to take care of all of your needs upon arriving at an airport. This is something they excel at, and your time won’t be valued more by any other service. The employees that work for this and similar services are in charge of attending to a traveler’s needs from the moment they reach an airport. They’ll take care of your luggage, checking, boarding, and taking you through other airport formalities the fastest way possible. 

2. Plan Everything


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If you want to save time having a plan is essential. Not just an overall plan for the travel, but for every meeting, you’ll attend and for any extracurricular activity you might have. Many experts claim that one minute of planning can save you between ten and fifteen minutes during conducting work. This should provide enough motivation to have plans prepared even for emergencies that might arise. If you are not sure how to approach making plans for corporate travel you can start with the simplest approach. It includes making a list of things you need to do. You can plan only for a big time-consuming event such as airports or hotel receptions, or you could be focused on every detail that comes your way. It is all up to you and the fact how much time you want to save. Plan for a day or a week, but make sure that you map out and schedule out every step of the way. The moment you do this it will appear like you’re already wasting time. But in the long run, you’ll save much more. 

3. Don’t Change The Airlines

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Corporate travel requires a lot of flying. This is why it would be wise to always use the same airlines. This will qualify you for their frequent flying program and this is what you want if the time is on your priority list. Stress is a major factor when flying and you want to avoid it or at 

least mitigate it to an extent. When you’re a member of the FFP you’ll be flying with certain perks. You’ll always have the best seats, fly first class, and have some of the airport perks that standard passengers can only dream of. In addition, even in a case when a 

flight is delayed or even canceled, which will kill your time essentially, you’ll be able to attend dinner or have a drink at the airline’s VIP lounge. When the plane is not there you can’t as for much more. Once the plane arrives you’ll also be able to enjoy the advantages of a frequent flying program by being one of the first to attend the pre-flight check-in and boarding. 

4. Carry The Office With Yourself 

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With corporate travel, your work is a priority. Some flights take a long time, so it’s better to take some of the work with you on the travel. The work awaits you at the destination where you’re heading, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t finish some work while waiting for a plane and while flying. Some flights take a lot of time and you could do a lot of work during one of these flights. Preparing a speech, or a presentation can all be done on an airplane. So, make sure you bring a laptop, your internet access, and any documentation you might need to do your work. In some instances you’ll be stuck at an airport longer than expected and using this time to work could be a lifesaver for any corporate traveler. Having a mobile office is one of the best ideas you might have. 

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