Pros and Cons of Scrapping Your Old Vehicle

Do you have an old car in your garage that is of no use anymore? Well, you can add to its value by doing something productive with it. Instead of leaving it to rot in your garage, you can do two things to put it to some use; either sell it off to a scrapyard or give it to a dumpster. However, scraping your car has an edge over the other option. Thus, if you wish to obtain great financial benefits from an old car and leave a positive footprint on earth, you must sell it to a scraping company.

An old car that is already damaged beyond repair will not serve any purpose for you. However, you can earn from it by selling its spare parts to a good scraping company.

Getting rid of an old vehicle is easier than considered. If you are looking to scrap your car, consider contacting UKCarMovement. They are the best in the industry of car scrapping.

With no further ado, let us know what are the pros and cons of scrapping your old vehicle.


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Selling your old car for money has several advantages. A few of the benefits of scrapping an old car are outlined below:

  • You enjoy the peace of mind that it will not be useless anymore. Rather when scrapped, the spare parts are put to good use. Thus, no matter if the car is put through the recycling process or its parts are sold, it is a better option over leaving the car to rust in the garage or driveway.
  • You can bag a good deal for your old car from the scraping company. Also, it doesn’t matter if it’s in proper working condition or not, you can still make money out of it. However, the amount offered is higher if your car is not too old, and its engine and body are in fairly good condition. Moreover, if the model that you own is rare, you can expect a good amount in exchange for it.
  • You stay rest assured that you are leaving a positive footprint on the environment. The metals used in manufacturing vehicles are non-biodegradable but can be melted and used a million times over and over again. The batteries and radiators can be recycled as well.
  • If you ever need replacement of different parts of your new vehicle, anytime in future, you already know which place can help you get it replaced. Establishing a relationship with the professionals of the local scrap yard is beneficial in the long run. They will also give you bonuses and discounts when you need their services.

Know the fact that when your old car is scrapped, they crush the vehicle completely and try to obtain the maximum benefits from the broken down vehicle. The mechanics after crushing the vehicle can sell every part of your vehicle, which include the doors, seats, windshields, etc.

That being said, all working parts can easily be sold separately to the motorists and mechanics who are looking forward to getting their vehicle repaired. Any part which cannot be salvaged is crushed by the scrapyards so that it can then be recycled.


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We just saw the advantages of scrapping your old vehicle, the process has some disadvantages associated with them as well. To receive an adequate amount for your vehicle will require considerable efforts from your end. According to there are several disadvantages when it comes to getting cash for scrapping your old vehicle. Some of them are discussed below:

  • If the make and the model of your car is quite old, the spare parts may prove to be of no use to the scraping company and they may refuse to scrap your car.
  • Several scrap yards often deduct some percentage of the amount from the payment they make because of a variety of reasons. It may include the cost of visiting your place and picking the car up from there. The scraping company may cut your payment if your vehicle lacks enough working parts that can be reused and only have materials that cannot be recycled. You should ask them everything when they give you the quotes for your car.
  • Several scrapyards are often not able to provide their consumers with additional services, such as coming to pick your car up from the garage. Now, this will be problematic for you to take your car to the yards when it is not running. You will then have to hire a trailer at an additional cost.
  • You are not completely aware of the recycling process carried out for your vehicle, in the sense that whether it is completely environment friendly or not. The metals used to manufacture cars can be melted and then reused, however, you should be aware of the correct process the scrapyards follow. Often they don’t tell their consumers about the process since they do not always follow environment-friendly procedures.

Several parts in an average car can be recycled and reused. Sending the car to a dumpster will not be beneficial as you will not receive any cash and it won’t get recycled either. On the contrary, sending them to the scrapyards has several benefits. A car has several reusable parts and thus when sent to a scrapyard, these parts get recycled and stay in use. It also helps keep the environment healthier and the chemicals that are used in cars stay out of the landfills and thus keep the environment safe.

Moreover, the working parts and chemicals are further recycled properly in the scrapyard and treated in the correct manner. The benefits of scrapping an old car outweighs its disadvantages and therefore, you should always consider scrapping it for good.


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In the end, the decision lies entirely in your hands. However, we strongly recommend weighing the pros and cons associated with scrapping your vehicle so that you can make the best choice. If still unsure, speak to a local scrapyard representative, so that they can help you decide better.

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