Automotive Welding Tips and Tricks for Beginners – 2024 Guide

Welding may seem like a job for professionals, but it doesn’t always have to be that way. In case you are interested in this, and think it can be a real hobby for you, then you should give it a try. Minor car breakdowns, such as cracks and rust, can be repaired by yourself and save a lot of money, but also be very fun. Don’t think that this is something you can learn overnight, but with practice and perseverance, you will become exceptional in this business. Welding always requires metal, so check Hamill Metals to find what you need. And in the text below, there are some tips to help beginners.

Security is paramount

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Whatever the job, safety comes first. Welding can be dangerous and can lead to injuries if we are not careful, so the most important thing is to protect yourself first. There is a lot of protective equipment on the market, and it is crucial to choose the right one. Protective equipment implies helmet, gloves, welding apron for the legs, and safety shoes. Regular helmets are not the best choice for this because they don’t have a dark vizier, so it is much better to buy a special one. It needs to cover the head to avoid burnings, and the same thing is with gloves. Never work without protective equipment because just one moment is enough to end with a severe injury.

Welding types

There are different types of welding, and it is crucial to know something about each before you decide on one. They differ in what you want to do, but also in what suits you best, so it is always better to explore all the options before making a final decision, but you can also use more types. Here are the three most popular ones:

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  • Stick welding

Stick welding is the same as Shielded Metal Arc Welding, and it looks like the most popular type. That may not be the right choice for novices, because this job needs both hands. It is a complex process since you need to add in an extra filler metal. Plus, there will be a lot of work after because this type of welding is leaving many splatters. It may not be precise enough, and it is not suitable for light metals.

  • TIG welding

If you want to know what the name means, it means Tungsten Inert Gas Welding, and it is because of the using the tungsten electrode for the process. It may look similar to stick welding because you need to use both hands since the filler metal is necessary, but this type of welding will leave you fewer splatters to clean. The best thing is that TIG is perfect for precise works, and it will blow your mind.

  • MIG welding

MIG is maybe the most suitable option for amateurs since, for this method, you only need one hand. There is no need to use the filler metal because the filler is a cable fed straight through the welder. Spattering is minimal, and this type may be the best for precise works. You can use it on various metals, and it is great for quick repairs. It’s the best method to start with since you can learn the process very quickly. TIG is maybe a little more precise than MIG, but MIG seems to be the best for automotive repairs.

Necessary tools

It is not possible to start anything without proper tools, and it is crucial to find perfect ones. To get started, you need to know what tools you need. There are three most important tools that you need:

  • Welder

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It is not possible to do anything without a welder. Different manufacturers produce these machines, and it is not easy to choose the right one. Those are complex machines, and it is crucial to know what you need before you decide which one is the best. They can last for a long time, and this can be a smart investment. The crucial thing is to resolve what type of welding suits you most and pick the right machine after that.

  • Filler metals

Even it may look a little complicated, it is not. The only way to choose the proper filler rods is to know what metal you are using. You may find them in various sizes and materials, and only knowing the base metal can help in picking the right one. With the right filler metal, there is no need to worry if the repair will last for a long time.

  • Shielding gas

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Maybe gas is not a tool, but it is a necessary ingredient for sure since the welding process is impossible without proper gas. Those gases are nonreactive, and that means that they are protecting the air but also metals from oxidation. The most common mixture is 25% carbon dioxide and 75% argon gas, but it depends on the materials that you use.

Besides that, some extra tools are necessary to finish the work properly. Those tools are:

  • Metal gauge sheet is necessary for matching patch size and MIG settings
  • Body hammers for taking out the metal
  • Dollies are sinking the heat through or after welds and stick out the metal
  • Angle grinders will help you with cleaning the welds
  • Pneumatic saw for thin cuts and lining up
  • Aviation snips to cut pieces
  • Locking welding clamps are keeping the metal in place while you are welding

Many people consider their cars as pets, and it is not easy to give them to somebody else to fix them. Since welding is not that hard, with a little talent, and a lot of practice, this can be easy work for anybody. Learning this skill will definitely save a lot of money, and maybe the more important is that it will be fun. After some time, that can be an unusual hobby that can also bring you some extra money.

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