4 Things Car Dealers Do Not Want to Hear

You may have heard advice on what not to tell car dealers if you want a good deal. For example, if you tell them you’ve never bought a new car before or your current car is falling apart, they’ll know they can take advantage of you. They certainly won’t offer you a good deal. Here are 4 things car dealers themselves don’t want to hear.

“l have my own financing.”

Car dealers don’t want to hear that you have your own financing. They want to be able to offer you their own financing so they can profit from the car loan on top of the vehicle sale. If you tell them you already have financing while you’re negotiating for the car, they’ll maximize the sale price to get the most out of the car sale. The best choice for car buyers is to have their own financing and not say so until closing on the car. Click here for a Brampton car loan to learn the going rates for a new or used vehicle loan.

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“l will negotiate the trade-in separately.”

Dealers don’t want to hear this for several reasons. First, it says the trade-in vehicles may not be going to them. For them, this is a cheap, convenient source of new inventory. Second, they know you may refuse to trade-in the vehicle and sell it elsewhere. You should retain that option instead of trying to maximize the trade-in value. This is because they up the interest rate on the loan or throw in a few little “extras” to make up for the seeming generosity of higher trade-in value. Do consider trading in old vehicles, ATVs and other items if you want to use this as an opportunity to get rid of things you’d have trouble selling otherwise.

“No, thanks, we’ll look elsewhere.”

Car dealers don’t want to hear that you’ve wasted their time because you weren’t really interested in buying a car, or worse, weren’t going to buy from them. This statement may trigger loss prevention behaviors such as, “Let me call in the manager and see if we can lower the price.” It is rude to have test-driven cars when you had no intention of buying them there versus rejecting the dealer’s offer because it is too high. Tacky is test driving cars to secure some freebie they were giving away before admitting you weren’t interested at all.

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“l want to see the invoice.”

This is something you should ask for so that you can review the total cost of the car item by item. Car dealers hope to add extra charges for vehicle cleaning, protectants, additional insurance policies and even redundant fees. If a car salesperson tries to avoid giving you the invoice, you know they’re ripping you off. If a car salesperson pushes you to sign a car purchase agreement or loan without letting you read the paperwork at your leisure, leave because they are trying to rip you off. Know that you always have the right to see the paperwork and review it until you understand it.

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