The Secrets of Japan Car Reliability

Japanese domination has spread all over the world, including the USA and Europe. The quality they supply is an exceptional part of their journey. Moreover, you can see them everywhere nowadays, especially in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. Japanese used cars are standard in these Asian countries. 

Japanese used cars are known for their reliability. Many brands are available in Japan, but Toyota has locked its first position and keeps it. In the 2015 Auto Express driver survey, 6 out of 10 manufactures were from Japanese cars.

There are several brands like Honda, Nissan, and Toyota that have played a significant part in Japanese vehicles’ success. But a good exporter is needed, too. If you plan to get a car in Japan, get hold of an experienced car buying agent or a reputable dealer. The last bit is significant because a good dealer will let you experience how the vehicle feels from different angles from what you can imagine from looking at it from the outside. These are the specific strategies you should use to find a better Japanese-used car.

There is more to come; let’s move on to the next phase of our article to know the secret of the Japanese car’s reliability. 

Affordability matters

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Japanese used cars are affordable; that’s what every person wants. What makes them sell cheap even though they are of good quality? It’s in Japan, and vehicles have to pass the inspection test every 2-year. After three years of preliminary inspection, Japanese used cars must clear Shaken inspection. 

The Shaken inspection is like a calamity for every Japanese car owner. Japan is a busy country, but people still opt for bicycles. The Shaken inspection is too expensive for the locals. It can cost them around 1k$ (100,00 yen) to 2k$(200,00 yen), which is just for inspection. The registration fees and insurance fees are separate. The insurance fees can gradually increase if the car is getting older. 

Shaken inspection build-up a reputation for Japanese used cars around the globe. People are recommended to check the inspection history or document of the vehicle before buying it. STCJapan has all the stock available of Japanese new and used cars. Their professional and experienced staff will guide through the steps. 

The Mechanical Condition

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We have said above about the inspection. Because of this, people over-pampered their cars. They are mechanical good and have minor damage. It is the most satisfactory reason behind the Japanese used car’s reliability. 

Once you have bought a Japanese used car from the auction, you’ll realize there is nothing to invest in. The vehicle will give a dazzling look, as it was just taken out of the showroom. The Japanese used cars are only on the roads for three years. Because of the Shaken inspection, people tend to sell it fast. 

Culture Difference 

They care about customer satisfaction rather than money. We do not mean to D-grade European and American workers. That is why their government has an inspection system. It is their culture to gain customer satisfaction. 

The workers are more loyal to their company and diligent. They intend to achieve goals every year. In addition, labors right always play an important part, unlike the British Leyland example from earlier times. Japan no doubt promoted a more cooperative environment for their workers, which resulted in quality. 

No Taxes And Easy To Buy

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There is no tax when you are importing Japanese used cars directly from Japan. Many luxurious cars have import tax on it, that is why people face a lot of issues and challenges. There are reliable exporters also available in Japan, i.e., STC Japan. The exporters do all the paperwork. People, especially from Asia, are more chronic to Japanese used cars, as they are the cheapest. 

You can check out Japanese online auctions, choose the suitable and ask your exporter to do the rest of the work. It is that simple, with no negotiation at all. In addition, most of the cars will be mechanically less damaged and require no maintenance at all

Let’s check out the reliability rate of some of the car brands from the What Car; it is the reliability survey. 

1st Lexus 92.1%
2nd  Mitsubishi  90.8%
3rd  Toyota 89.6%
4th Suzuki  86.6%
5th Alfa Romeo  85.8%

Greater Efficiency 

The Japanese are well-maintained by the earlier owner. They are of greater efficiency and supply low mileage. According to Statista, in 2018, passenger cars bought by locals had a fuel efficiency of 22.7 kilometers per liter, gradually increasing from 2009. It was 16.6 kilometers per liter in 2009. 

This shows that the Japanese are working on the development of their cars. Which is another reason why Japanese used cars are of more excellent reliability. Follow is the table of vehicles with better fuel efficiencies:

Cars Fuel Efficiency Per Gallon 
Toyota Prius Eco 58 mpg (city), 53 mpg (highway)
Honda Accord 49 mpg (city), 49 mpg (highway)
Toyota Camry Hybrid 42 mpg (city), 38 mpg (highway)
Mazda CX-5 23 mpg (city), 29 mpg (highway) 

Latest Automotive Technology



This is another reason why Japanese car owners tend to sell it earlier. It is because Japanese automakers are getting advanced and upgrading the technology every year. And, of course, the reliability, too. Technologies like electric power steering and electric cars. They are amusing and intrigued technologies. 

Due to electric power steering, less load is applied to the engine, increasing engine reliability and life. Moreover, electric cars also play a significant role in the environment. There will be no exhalation of toxic smoke in the air. 

These technologies have made drivers have a splendid experience while driving and provide them more safety than before. Japanese manufactures are making their auto vehicles more reliable for their people. Moreover, the design of the cars is also noticeable.

Final Verdict

Let’s wrap everything in short. Japanese cars are cost-effective and more reliable nowadays. No doubt, they are a great competitor to American and European auto vehicles. The inspection system ensures you the quality you are looking for. Moreover, there is nothing you can doubt. There are no import taxes for the vehicles and no hidden charges for the Japanese used cars you are buying.

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