How to Reduce Noise in a Car

Noise and Vibrations in a car can prove to be very annoying mostly when on is traveling for long distances on a bumpy road with the Volkswagen he was handed down by his great grandfather(not that am saying Volkswagen are bad, they are pretty nice in-fact) and the exhaust is just hanging supported by some piece of sellotape making a horrible noise as it smashes on the rocky road. For ye that have such difficulties, there is a ray of hope as one can greatly reduce the noise in one’s car. Before we find out how we must first know why?

Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH)

Collectively referred to as NVH; noise, vibration, and harshness are phenomena the driver experiences while driving. These are usually unpleasant to the driver and passengers and it usually makes them get overwrought over the state of the car. Problems with NVH are usually dimmed difficult and time-consuming for technicians but this may not be the case.

First, let us understand what vibration is; vibration is the rapid oscillation of an elastic fluid or solid, the number of vibrations is known as frequency measured in Hertz. A vibration causes sound. A  vehicle has a number of components that can be vibrating forces this include;

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  • When a car is parked for many times a week it will develop a flat spot on the bottom part of the tire. This will cause the wheel to vibrate every time it turns thus causing the body to shake.
  • An unbalanced propeller shaft also causes vibration as it rotates this causes a humming or droning type of noise that can be unpleasant to the ear. This happens mostly when the car is running at high speeds.
  • The engine too is a source of vibrations as the torque fluctuates due to combustion within the engine, this causes an irritating noise referred to as booming.

The engine vibrations can also lead to vibration of the exhaust which is transmitted to the body, this mainly happens if the exhaust is not fixed correctly. In this situation, you need to replace an exhaust system with

With all these noises and vibrations driving for long distances may prove tiresome but as I said there is a ray of hope as one may incorporate designs for specific components of his/her car to minimize vibration. These include:

1. Dealing with Engine vibrations like a boss;

This can be simply done by use of balanced weights on the crank shaft on the propeller shaft, tires and other components that turn at high speeds. We add the weights to ensure that this parts are well balanced and these greatly reduce vibrations hence less noise.

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 2. Handling of vibrations from Wheels also like a boss;

This can be done by incorporating a wheel balancer  to balance the wheels  even when new tires are installed.

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3. Add weight to Accelerator Panel;

This can be done to change what is known as the natural frequency CLICK HERE thus preventing resonance.

Other ways of reducing Vibrations in ones car include: modifying the transmission system for example incorporating rubber or other vibration compression materials in between the engine and the body so as to prevent vibration. Rubber o-rings can also be fitted between exhaust pipe and the body. The floor can also be covered with asphalt or resin sheets between the steel panels to prevent vibrations.

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All these go a long way if you opt to have a noiseless car.

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