5 Reasons Why It Is Worth Buying Door Lights for Your Car

Having a vehicle of your own is not that difficult anymore. You need a little bit of money a good find that will be both reliable and safe, and just like that, you are a proud owner of a car.

But is that all?! Of course not. Depending on what type of person are you your car can be just a means to get from one point to another or it can be a personal statement. None of these two types is wrong nor right. We hold no sides and what you do with your vehicle is all up to you, but what you must recognize as a fact is that the car industry is making the same money from both types of car owners.

Is it better to be a car enthusiast or just a car owner, we really wouldn’t know?! It is probably the same thing but with one key difference. Car enthusiasts tend to invest a lot of money in their cars and tend to hold on to them as long as possible. Investing in your new car, whether it is old or new, is nothing out of the ordinary. You can invest in repairs and maintenance or you can invest in making your car as unique as possible. Today we are discussing door lights as a unique feature of your vehicle and if you are on a hunt for one of these visit addcarlights.com for your special ones.

1. Lifestyle

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Lifestyle matters. Whether you are showing yours through your clothes, home, car or your way of life, in general, it plays a huge role in our personalities. When you consider that then why lifestyle wouldn’t be one of the reasons it is good to invest in car door lights. To be perfectly honest we don’t mean those that already come with your car or some factory added ones. We are talking about full-blown, aftermarket lights that you can customize to your needs and wishes. You can have anything you wish and the good people that saw this as a business opportunity will adhere to your wishes. Show a little bit of your personality with these as well, and show everyone that you love that kind of lifestyle.

2. Looks cool

Even though this shows a bit about yourself, and that you are making some sort of a statement in circles you move in, these car door lights are cool. As we already mentioned you can order pretty much any kind of light that will show a logo of your vehicle, some sort of special writing or a badge, or you can even go to a favourite movie or cartoon images that will appear under your vehicle. Shining a badge of a BMW or Mercedes logo, or even having your name shine below the door is neat. Plus, with your imagination and the manufacturers’ possibilities you can have Captain America’s shield blast on the floor beneath your car door. Spiderman logo or head, no problem, the possibilities are limitless you just have to find a good manufacturer with an awesome offer.

3. Usage

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We must not forget one other thing which is rather important. We all know that all of our vehicles have lights under their doors. They have a purpose and it is to project light down below the floor of the car so you can, to some extent, see where you are going and where you are stepping before you enter your vehicle. The thing we are aiming for with this is the fact that you actually can get these door lights without any added accessories, meaning just clear light that is stronger and better than a factory one. If you have a car of your own with a factory door light open them during the night and see how much light they project down. With the aftermarket ones you get stronger bulbs, new light tech that will be brighter, clearer and better serve the purpose it has been made for. 

4. Easy to install

Despite what many tell you these things are so easy to install and use that it is even ridiculous to describe. Most of these door lights come as a single assembly where you have the plastic around it, the projector part and the logo or whatever else you chose below it to be projected to the floor. You have one or two cables, depending on your vehicle, which you hook up to the existing electrical installation of the factory bulb and that is it. what you do is simply pull out the old assembly and connect the new one. 5 minutes max and you are set. We also have to note that when ordering these you need to know the make, model and the production year of your car to get the best fit and to avoid any additional fiddling with these. The older vehicles that didn’t have these from the factory require a bit of elbow grease and some electrical know-how to equip your vehicle with a custom door light.

5. Why not?!

mercedes logo light 810x404

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If you have your dream car and if you have done it as much as possible and if you managed to transfer some part of your personality to the car, the way it looks and feels, why not do this as well. Stuff like this is so subtle yet so cool and leave such a good impression that it is incredible. The biggest part of us transferred to the car usually reflects on the vehicle’s colour or colours and the way we keep it. some like everything up to time and tech while others like to keep everything as stock as possible. Things like these, like the door lights, are what reflect you in such a manner that it is bold but unintrusive. It shows your passion but in a subtle way. It is designed for everyone, which is why they are so sought out for. If you want one for yourself, and if you liked what you read in this article, do not hesitate or think any further. You need a custom door light for your car and your car needs one as well. Go get it and see how much better it makes you feel and how much better does your car look. 

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