Loading Ramps: What Types of Vehicles Can Use Them

Have you ever thought about all the way you can easily transport your ATV, but couldn’t think of a solid plan on how to realize that? Well, the easiest way to successfully do such a thing is by using loading ramps. With these things, you will be able to move any kind of a heavy object or vehicle into the trunk of a car or onto the bed of a truck. It is the best way to get something that is too big and complicated to lift onto your trailer, your truck or a full-sized vehicle into a semi-trailer.

Depending on where you purchase these ramps, they can come with various safety features to help you safely drive your cargo onto the transportation vehicle. Safety features such as chains to strap your cargo to get it ready for transport, rubber mats to keep your vehicle from slipping while loading it up onto the ramps and so on.

Most of these ramps are usually made in a way so that you can easily fold them and store them in your garage without taking up a lot of space. You can even put it in the bed next to the vehicle too.

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Considering the variation of ramps available for purchase, all kinds of vehicles can use ramps for loading. From a kid’s bike to full-size bikes and all-terrain vehicles, to trucks and even helicopters.

Ramps that support smaller and lighter vehicles can be much more versatile and easier to set up, while heavy-duty ones can be pretty heavy, but can also support huge amounts of weight.

According to SureWeld, a good loading ramp must be light and versatile enough to be easily assembled or disassembled in just a few minutes.

Types of Ramps

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Equipment ramps are one of the most heavy-duty and expensive ones you can purchase. They are usually made from very durable, lightweight and aircraft-grade aluminum. These can be used with objects over 5 tons and are often used to unload or load tractors, trucks, bobcats and other similar massive vehicles. Once you buy this type of ramp, you will probably never even have a need for a new one in the next couple of decades.

Wheel risers are what give trucks and semi-trailers the ability to be properly positioned so that they can be easier to access during the loading process.

Military ramps are even more high-quality than the equipment ramps and can endure weights over 10 tons. It is usually used by the military to transfer military vehicles such as helicopters, HUMMERs, tanks, military equipment and so on.

Car/Truck loading ramps are one of the more frequent types of ramp you have seen. These are often used for simpler tasks such as loading up lighter vehicles like a car or a truck since they only have a load limit of a couple of tons. They can be pretty light and can be used by anyone considering how easy they are to setup. You can also use this type of ramp to get your ATV, lawnmower or bike onto the bed of your truck.

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