Tips To Help the First-Time Car Radio Buyers Find the Right Radio

We all spend heck a lot of money while buying our home stereo system. But we actually spend more time listening to our car radio. Maybe it’s the right time to invest in a good car radio.

Listening to a familiar track on the home audio system then repeating the same experience in a car- lots of people find a huge difference in both. And when asked which is better, they never give it a second thought and say it’s their car radio.

But if you are not among those people and have doubts about your car radio, this doubt started when music that sounded great on your home stereo sounded totally flat in your car. Whatever is the reason, listen to your ears carefully. They might be trying to tell you something.

Signs That You Have a Weak Card Radio System

Turn the volume up


  • Do your bass notes sound hollow and weak?
  • When you drive and turn up the volume of a song you like, do you immediately turn it down as the sound is irritating?
  • Do your hands reach to the music control panel to make the sound clearer?

If your answer is “yes” to all three questions, you are a prime candidate for a quality aftermarket car radio. But if you know to car radios, the road to find the perfect one may sound a little tiring. But here are a few things to keep in mind to make the process easier.

How To Replace Your Factory Installed Car Radio?

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A car radio generally consists of a stereo and some speakers. Mainly if you change those, your music will start sounding better. Sounds pretty simple. If you want to replace speaker wire too, consider for high-quality gauge wires. 

In most vehicles, it’s easy to remove the factory-installed radio and replace it with an aftermarket one. In many cars, it’s easy with the aid of simple tools to replace a pre-installed car radio. When you purchase your radio from a premium car radio store like CarToys, our professionals help you with the installation.

The installation guides come up with new car radios showing you everything you need to do to replace your car radio.

But there is a big chance of making costly mistakes if you are doing it for the first time. Additionally, you need to buy an entire kit to harness the wirings of the installation process.

Why Replace an Existing Car Radio?

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Factory-installed car radio systems are below average. Even the basic models of aftermarket car radios will have the following advantages such as:

  • More Power: If you want cleaner sound and better bass response, your system must have more power. You will soon notice good volume even at a lower level.
  • Better FM Reception: An aftermarket car radio will have more stations and a better FM studio.
    Improved Tone Controls: In a factory-installed radio, you can only have fundamental bass and treble adjustments. When you buy a sophisticated aftermarket car radio, you get more control options to get better sound quality.
  • More Features: When you invest in an aftermarket car radio, you not only play music from your phone, but you also can control a satellite radio tuner.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Another common feature of an aftermarket car radio is hands-free calling and wireless streaming of music from your phone.

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