A Magnificent Drive: Bentley Continental GT

Bentley models have been on the road for many years now, and Bentley has mastered the art of making luxury vehicles that are in a class of their own. However, the inception of the Bentley Continental GT was in 2003 to compete with the latest Rolls Royce models, which were already gaining traction in the high-end and tailor-made exotic car market. Today, the Bentley Continental GT is a beast that has already made a good name for itself in the auto industry.

A Brief History of the Bentley Continental GT

Since the inception of the Bentley Continental GT, the model has gotten even better over time. The manufacturer ensures that they add new features regularly to keep their customers satisfied and provide value for the premium they pay.

bentleyIn 2003, the first Bentley Continental GT was born. As an infant in the auto industry, the car had incredible features you will still not find in many cars almost two decades later. Impressive features included a V6 twin-turbo engine with enough power to rule the roads. Ten years later, the vehicle has not undergone major changes except for minor lifts, slight modifications to the interior and the addition of the latest technologies.

In 2013, the Bentley Continental GT received a newly designed V8 engine. However, the most amazing part is that the automaker also wanted to make the car more economical and, therefore, incorporated software that could detect when some cylinders are not needed and deactivate them.

The Current Generation of Bentley Continental GT

bentley CT 810x456

source: topgear.com

The third generation of this car was released in 2018. If you visit Milani Exotic Car Rentals, you can rent this model and enjoy all the new features. It is best rented for weddings, birthday parties and other special events that require a classy ride. So, what should you expect if you want to buy or rent the current model of Bentley Continental GT?

First of all, it has a 6 liter engine, which is rare in many vehicles. In fact, you would not imagine that this massive engine lurks under the hood by just looking at the car. According to Bentley’s official website, the vehicle will only take 3.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h. This is the result of amazing power from the current W12 engine. We cannot forget to mention the top speed of 333 km/h, which is incredible.

The interior is perhaps what should attract any person who values luxury and comfort in a car. The automaker claims that the Bentley Continental GT is the best car they have made so far. The interior is made by some of the best craftsmen, and every fine detail is given the utmost attention. They also offer  to suit the preferences of their clients when you pre-order. High-quality leather dominates.

bentley GT interior 810x540

source: exclusiveautomotivegroup.com

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that this is the most advanced Bentley on the road. The driver assist technology is the most sophisticated, and the dual clutch transmission is just one example of the advanced auto technology included in the car. You need to get hold of one for the first-hand experience of this phenomenal vehicle.

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