Hoverboards – 2024 Buying Guide

Hoverboards have been popular for a while now. Riders usually describe their experience riding a hoverboard to be exhilarating and liberating. A good hoverboard may be priced somewhere in between 300 USD and may reach up to 1000 USD or more, depending on what you are looking for.

There are a lot of different manufacturers like haloevsports.com that produce these self balancing boards, so no matter what you are looking for, or what your budget is, chances are, you will be able to find one that suits your needs.

People choose these boards because they are really easy to maintain, they don’t take much space, they are easy to carry and they are easy to ride. So, if you are looking for a way to avoid traffic, and if you are not too happy about walking from one place to another, then getting a balancing board is the right way to go.

How much is a hoverboard?

The answer depends on what you need. Even though hoverboards are somewhat expensive, carefully going through its features before buying one will make sure it is worth the money. Now let us discuss the various features that stand out to be a deciding factor of the balancing boards price tag that it bears:

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  • UL2272 Certification

Needless to say, safety is the first and foremost thing to consider while purchasing this type of electronic device. And given the fact that hoverboards generally run by lithium-ion batteries, that makes it riskier. CPSC has also stated that these devices are not fully safe. Hence, to reduce malfunctions, or any unpredicted fires, buying a balancing board with a UL2272 certificate is important.

A proper certification helps ensure the device’s safety and security. All hoverboards imported to the U.S. should be UL certified. In order to get certified, manufactures are bound to use high-quality products which in turn increases the price to a certain extent. The certification is available on the product’s packaging.

So, before buying the unit you are interested in, make sure it has all the proper documentation and certifications. You can talk with the seller about these documents, and ask what they offer. Make sure you ask if they come with a warranty and what will happen if something malfunctions.

  • Battery system

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A good quality hoverboard is supported by a good battery system. Good energy output is necessary to maintain the longevity of a ride for a fair amount of time.

  • Motor

A good motor will maintain constant torque and support smooth performance, which in turn will raise the stability value of a balancing board and enhanced durability. You need a good motor because you don’t want something to happen to your unit after only a few months. Make sure you check reviews about the models you are interested in so you have some knowledge about how durable they are.

  • Charging time

The right hoverboard helps charge itself faster than its competitors. It is an important feature to consider when one does not want to wait a whole day to charge the battery for a 1-hour ride.

  • Speed

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Hoverboards running at a speed of 10mph or more are considered high speed enabled balancing boards. It is also the preferred range for anyone under 18. Hence, before purchasing one make a note to whom it’s going to belong and what level of speed they will be able to handle. A good quality motor-assisted with a good energy outlet enables a balancing board to attain a good speed.

If you are a beginner and if you have no previous experience in riding these units, it would be a smart choice if you start with a slower balancing board. You need to get some skills and you need to learn how to balance on them. After a while, if you think you need something faster, then you can easily upgrade. Plus, for your first unit, you don’t want to spend too much money on something you may not use all that much.

  • Better tires also make a difference

A seamless performance on rough terrains and paths with steep edges is only possible with indestructible rugged tires. Better wheel support allows one to have better control of the ride, due to its facilitation of a smooth glide irrespective of the surface it runs on.

  • The design can make the price vary too

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Stylish design will definitely increase the price associated with the hoverboard. A popular design always stays in high demand – hence, to control the demand, manufacturers increase the cost price altogether.

  • What about the Size?

You might want to consider this feature if you are planning to carry around the product wherever you go. The best balancing boards available on the market come with a standard size, which allows a rider to stand in an upright position increasing the comfort level available to the user. Generally, the hoverboards heaviness remains between 20 to 30 pounds

  • Intake of rider weight

Apart from the features of the product, the rider’s weight also has to be taken note of as not every model will suit everyone. Taller, broader, or overweight people will find particular models that are better suited than the others. Moreover, a good hoverboard should be durable enough to carry an optimum amount of weight applied to it. A balancing board will crumble under minimum pressure.

  • Additional features

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Additional features like Bluetooth speakers and inbuilt GPS are some of the common features available with newly manufactured hoverboards released to the market nowadays. A Bluetooth speaker will enable you to listen to your favorite songs while you commute and the GPS will help you to track or get access to various locations nearby. Some units have LED lights attached to them for a stylish look and better display.

So, how much is a hoverboard? The answer will depend on what you are looking for but for further insight into pricing, click here.

Keeping all the above points in mind, it is necessary to select a balancing board as per your preference and what suits your style. Hoverboards are environmentally friendly, portable and convenient for short distanced travels at the same time. One should not need an excuse of not buying one provided you are not enthusiastic enough to try new technologies.

When choosing the balancing board, consider all the things, like age, weight, needs, features, size and so on. You will probably get confused by all the options you have, so you may need to talk to a professional that can offer you the best model for your needs. Give yourself some time to learn how to manoeuvre it before you take it out on the streets.

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