Latest Types of Car Security Cameras

Car security has been deemed to be a crucial aspect of our security. We can not leave our cars on the mercy of security guards nowadays. You never know the so-called security guard of your office might get involved in some heinous crimes as well.

Many times, we come across such news in which some security guards are found guilty of theft. There are many gangs that exploit Spy guards, maids and even clerks for stealing cars. Many times when you give your car on rent, you never know if some smugglers are going to get away with your favorite car. Due to all these Surveillance reasons one must take some initiatives regarding his car’s security.

Whenever you plan to buy some new products whether they are related to the most trivial things of your life or if they are related to security. You need to do some need analysis first, secondly, you are supposed to be a smart buyer.

How can you be a smart buyer? Many people think that only the sellers are smart so they can convince the buyers. It is just a myth, you do not have to be fooled. You can counteract by getting enough knowledge about the product you are planning to buy. In this article, I have elaborated some types of car Spy cams.

The type of car security camera you must buy depends upon the needs and circumstances thus, before you get your hands on any of such products make sure you know what resources are available how would you operate that particular kind of camera.

Battery-powered car security camera

Battery powered car security camera 810x331


This is then the most widely used type of car Spy cameras as also stated on Dk Security. You can rely on it as long as it has a longer battery life. These cams can be used when you are supposed to park your car for longer intervals when they will not be getting any constant power supply.

These are often small cams that can be attached with any window in your car. Parents can use this Spy cam for keeping an eye on their teenagers. These cams do not need wire connections, you can use them through internet connection for connectivity and batteries will be the sole power source for operating the cams.

The one thing that you must check before buying the security cams whether they are for outdoor Surveillance or indoor, is the lens angle. It must be more than 100 degrees or more. Specifically, for car security cams.

Moreover, if you plan to mount a battery-powered Surveillance cam then it must be wider. Battery-powered cameras can help you get some more advanced features such as cloud storage. I am not sure if the other types have upgraded or not but battery-powered types are one of the most prioritized for they come with very advanced features.

Cellular car Surveillance cameras

As the name implies these Surveillance cams work like your cell phone. They require a sim card for connectivity. You need to insert a sim card with internet packages. They are reliable if you are unable to carry your wifi everywhere or you plan to travel to some remote areas where there would be no free wifi, connections.

These are equally efficient cam just the process of operating is different. They usually come with local storage. After a few trips you might need to format the SD cards. This frequent formatting schedule might annoy you thus cloud storage will be preferred. Cellular cameras also rely on battery power for efficient working but as compared to simple battery-powered Spy cams they require more powerful batteries.

Dashboard security cameras

Dashboard Security Camera


These security cams can be only placed on the dashboards of your cars. They are connected with the cigarette lighter cable for working.
This can be troublesome for many of the users. You can have these Surveillance cams if you feel that your car is safe when you have got it parked in your office or at home.
You can not depend on it when you are not in your car. You can reinforce the potential of these cameras by connecting them with power banks etc.

Hidden car security cameras

Surveillance cameras must not always be visible if you are a suspicious person, if you do not want to hurt someone’s feelings by telling him that he is being monitored or if you are giving your car on rent then these hidden Spy cams are the best option.

They work with battery. They are wireless security cameras. Wires can be a problem. This is why they are designed in this way. You need an SD card for recording and saving your data. Some of these work with cloud storage. Hidden Surveillance cameras are very small in size sometimes they come in weird shapes and sizes for camouflage purposes.

You can subscribe to a number of premium cloud storage packages for unlimited video recording. Hidden security cams can not be vandalized easily because they will not be detectable. They are the real spy cams. In case you want something comical these cams are for you.

If you are planning to buy a hidden car Spy camera make sure that it has got a very effective night vision sensor. Otherwise, you will be in a complete loss. The same goes for the battery-powered Surveillance camera.


The best camera type among these is the one which matches your circumstances and requirements. You can not just choose any of them. Consider your needs first then decide smartly, in my opinion the best options are cellular car security cameras and hidden car security cams.

Both of them are reliable in terms of car Surveillance. Some other features that you might check are the siren on some motion detection in your car, application affiliation for remote access and unlimited storage which can be cloud storage for battery-powered and cellular Spy cameras and NVR for wired car Spy cameras.

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