How to Make Your Fleet More Eco-Friendly in 10 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

It is very important to have a raised awareness of ecology, and it should be related to all industries. The high number of vehicles today is one of the main reasons why we are struggling with pollution so much. That can be easily noticed in big cities that are struggling with the emission of toxic substances and clean air. That is especially related to trucks and other large vehicles that are emitting a lot of pollution since they are consuming a lot of fuel. While there is a trend of implementation of batteries in new vehicles, we still need a lot of time until all people switch to this greener option. Therefore, it is essential to find a way to decrease the impact you are having on the environment.

With the advancements of technology, there are many methods that you can use to organize your fleet to become more efficient. There are many ways to plan a route with multiple stops on iPhone, but one of the best is with Straightaway technology. This app can also provide you with the ability to find the best routes or check the average speed, which could have an impact on the environment as well. There are also some other methods that you should implement in your management that can lower the impact of your fleet and make it eco-friendlier.

1. Responsible Drivers

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The education of your drivers is very important because they have to understand that the way of driving can also affect the increase of pollution. Also, proper maintenance is crucial for the condition of your trucks, and some malfunctions could cause an increase in fuel consumption and emission of toxic materials. Moreover, if they drive too fast or make intense braking more often, that can increase chances for malfunctions and cause waste of oil and fuel.

2. Optimize The Routes

Another method that can help you to lower your expenses along with the ability to leave a smaller footprint on the environment is to optimize your routes and find the fastest way to deliver goods. You can do that with the use of modern technology where you can stay connected with the drivers and monitor them to check if they are using determined highways and drive at the proper speed. Also, you can help them to find the best exits from highways and locate the delivery spots much easier. Besides the eco features, you can save a lot of money with this strategy.

3. Smart Driving

People have to understand that their vehicles are one of the main indicators of pollution issues we are struggling with. We are aware that many of them can’t afford the expensive electric trucks, but you can at least pay attention and drive the vehicle in a way where it leaves less impact on the environment. When it comes to your fleet, you should pay attention that the drivers are keeping up with speed limits and avoid making too many breaks.

4. Optimize Your Fleet

The producers are constantly improving their vehicles by creating better parts and solutions that might cause decreased emission of toxic waste. Therefore, you should keep up with these trends and upgrade your vehicles with the latest solutions. Also, keep your trucks well-maintained and pay special attention to filters, regulation of air levels, carburetor, and many other parts.

5. Decrease the Weight If It is Possible

We are aware that it might be hard to make the weight lighter when you deliver a heavy amount of goods with your trucks, but you can focus on some additional equipment that your drivers might not need all the time, like spare tires and tools. By lowering the weight, the truck will consume less fuel.

6. Limit the Use of Air-Condition

If your drivers are currently at some location with moderate weather where the air-conditioning system is not necessary, you should explain to them that keeping that system off can lower the consumption. However, keeping the windows open all the time can also cause it. Therefore, tell your drivers to use this system only during hot summer or during the winter.

7. Check the Tires

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The condition of tires can also affect the consumption of fuel. In case that the tires are inflated, your trucks will be slower, less efficient, while the consumption will increase. In that matter, you workers will have to check tires after every stop and make sure that the pressure in them is on the right level. That will help them to reach their destination much faster, and help you to control your expenses.

8. Tune Up the Trucks Regularly

Depending on the model, you will need to check the condition and change the oil after at least 5,000 miles. The proper maintenance and change of oil will help you to reduce the chance of some serious malfunctions, especially those related to the engine, steering system, and brakes.

9. Check the Emission System

There is a high chance that the truck is having issues with the fuel consumption or some other parts even if there are no indications or alerts on the board. In that matter, you should check the system from time to time and see if there are any significant changes in average consumption.

10. Buy New Trucks

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This is the easiest solution. However, it requires a lot of money, which is a big issue considering the prices of trucks, especially those who are using electric engines. We can see that a lot of brands like Tesla, Rivian, Daimler, and Volvo already introduced their models of trucks that are using batteries. However, the average price is near $100,000.
There is much small business that only has several trucks in their fleet, and spending so much on refreshing it is challenging. However, this trend is becoming more popular, which means that there might be some cheaper solutions. Also, there is a chance that countries will start funding people to switch to this option.

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