Overcoming Fear: Back Behind the Wheel

If you have a fear of driving, don’t be too hard on yourself. It is completely natural to be afraid of something that you are not good at.

You might be a survivor of a major car accident, or maybe you are new at driving. However, you need to know that most car accidents are not because of driving phobia. Rather, it’s the people who are overconfident who get into accidents the most.

We will cover reasons for driving phobia and tips to overcome it. The truth is, there is nothing you cannot do with some good old-fashioned practice. According to learntodrivedrivingschool.com.au, the right driving school will teach you what you need to practice.

Five Reasons for Driving Phobia

Bad Experiences in your Past

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Car accidents can cripple a person psychologically. It is the most common bad experience that people complain about. Other than accidents, storms, road rage, panic attacks, and going off-track also puts fear into the heart of many drivers.

You keep thinking about the incident and fear that it will reoccur. The reenactment in your mind keeps you away from the wheel and contributes to anxiety.

Being Out of Your Comfort Zone All Alone


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A lot of people are comfortable with driving in places they frequent. However, new places make them anxious, especially if they are alone in the vehicle.

This fear is not a disorder. On the contrary, it’s normal to stress out about the unfamiliar.

The driver might worry about not finding his way or running out of gas. Or maybe they are afraid their phone won’ work. Even the notion of not finding a parking spot can make drivers uneasy.

No one wants something bad to happen when they are all alone in a place they don’t know. Know that courage is a seed of fear, and it is human nature to act in the last moment.

Claustrophobia and Being Anxious

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Some people are afraid of having panic attacks while being stuck in traffic. This is a product of claustrophobia. The experience can be terrifying for the person behind the wheel.

Some of the symptoms of a person with claustrophobia include nausea, difficulty breathing, excessive palpitation, and profusely sweating. Just the notion of such discomfort can keep a person away from the wheel.

The Fear of Speed and Losing Control

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Some people are afraid of slow drivers on the highway. It pressurizes the driver to drive fast. This can be very scary for some people who worry about losing control.

Accelerating in fear is very dangerous, and the driver knows this. For this reason, they decide not to drive at all.

You lose control of your body as a result of anxiety, so it’s hard to rely on yourself. The pressure mounts even further when it’s your responsibility to drive others.

Fear of Dying

The reason why people get anxious is that they underestimate themselves. This happens because of the difference between real danger and what you perceive.

The fear of dying is crippling and makes one’s self difficult to trust. They keep thinking of the worst-case scenario and what that may entail.

On top of that, our mainstream media is full of violent and gruesome visuals. With such explicitness in mind, no wonder people are afraid of getting into their car.

Getting Over Anxiety

Getting over the fear of driving is hard but not impossible. If you feel like you need professional help, partake in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Before that, know what you are afraid of. That will help you face the fear that you dread most in your heart.

The therapist will help you to regain control of your mind. You will be able to face your fear once you know what it is. He or she will also help you to relax your mind and body.

Ten Tips That Will Help You Get Over The Phobia of Driving

Tip 1: Start At The Bottom of The Ladder

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For people who fear to get behind the wheel, driving is like a ladder. You don’t start at the top of the ladder. Instead, go step by step until you are proficient.

The peak of the ladder is comfortable driving. Right now, you are at the bottom of the ladder. So, the first step is to get into the car. Next, start the car, and after that, drive in an empty location. Go slow, and soon, you will find yourself at the top of the ladder.

Tip 2: Realize That Driving is Safe

If you have a fear of driving, it is a good idea to do some research about driving accidents. You will find that people who are daring while driving are more likely to get into accidents.

If you are cautious, the possibility of getting into an accident is less. So in a way, your fear is a blessing.

Tip 3: Being A Defensive Driver Leads to Safer Driving

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Defensive driving skills are hard to master. However, you can research or enroll in a defensive driving course to get better.

There is a lot of information about defensive driving on the internet. Educate yourself and try your best not to be an offensive driver.

Tip 4: Learn the Controls of Your Vehicle While Stationary

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A lot of people start driving right away after getting a license. After that, they find themselves forgetting a lot of the functions of the vehicle.

Learn every single thing about your car in an empty space. This means you have to go through the entire manual of your vehicle. Once you know everything by heart, you can proceed to drive responsibly.

Tip 5: Drive an Automatic Car

Driving an automatic car reduces the fear of driving. This is because there are fewer functions to deal with. Move on to a manual car once you are confident with the automatic one.

Tip 6: Start Driving with Someone Competent Beside You

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Start driving with a calm and competent person next to you who can guide you. Be sure to ask for their help when they are free so that you are their prime focus. Don’t choose someone who has a temper regardless of driving skills.

Tip 7: Get A License

Getting a license builds confidence. Also, you will know all the things you need to practice. Focus on what you are weak in and practice a lot.

Tip 8: Eliminate Distractions

Don’t have the music blasting, and keep your phone on silent. Also, avoid carrying loud and distracting passengers in your vehicle.

Tip 9: Do What Makes You Comfortable

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Do what you know best while driving. For instance, if you are bad at parallel driving, don’t do it. Do forward parking instead. And if bubblegum calms you, keep some in your car.

Tip 10: Jump into The Cold Water

This point contradicts the prior tip, but it is effective. If you are afraid of cold water, jump right in. If you are not comfortable with left turns, then keep practicing that over and over.

Parting Words

Your fear is a blessing as it gives birth to bravery. Practice as much as you can to get rid of your fear. And always remember, while driving, you are powerful and capable.

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