How To Negotiate The Price When You Purchase The Used Car?

Negotiation is an art, which requires knowledge of convincing others with your ideas. Connecting with the business of used cars, the salesperson usually is tacit, and smart with his words and expressions. Also, there are some notable facts the salesman seems to convey, which actually are not veritable to some degree. Information like the actual costs of the vehicle to the owner, the least probable selling price of the car is indeed not articulated by the salesman. Here are some ways for you to negotiate the car for its price. Like Carantee, they help you in negotiating the price of a vehicle and crucially inspect all the factors which help in setting the price for the vehicle.

Buy after the car is two years old

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You might wonder why I have to buy a car after it is two years old. Both from the aspects of monetary and performance, it is quite helpful after this period, it’s highly possible that the car has a good history. You need to determine whether the vehicle is clean in the aspect of legal clearance and history. So, the vehicle history report is a must before buying any used car. The site for the history report provides trustworthy reports that make it a lot easier to make the decision. Click here to get a quick car history report.

The performance also does not get too low for a two-year-old car. You can have a fair amount of running speed. Most importantly, the value of the car drops to an indefinite amount of 50 percent of the original price. So, you do have a good point on that.

Research well on the exact value

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You are advised to make a list of used cars by thoroughly checking Guide to used cars by Kelley Blue Book. Only relying on the website’s information might not serve you well on these aspects. If you are not aware, these websites only print the retail price of the car instead of the wholesale price. How much you have to pay depends on the wholesale price.

Also, the price of the blue book guide may not be exact. So, don’t take it literally! The amount they list sometimes does not give a true reflection of the market price. For instance, your place has greater numbers of certain types of used cars, and then it is highly probable that the price is much lower than the one written on such a guide book.


If you need a comprehensive report of the used cars, then you can opt for the CarFax. This report actually includes the number of owners the car already had, any accidents it might have dealt with. For example, if the car is for the rental purpose, then certainly it was driven by a bunch of drivers, with electric driving skills. In case you see various degrees of wear and tear, then that particular car may not be a good fit for you. On the other hand, you might get such a car at a low price.

To receive the report from CarFAX, you only need to visit CarFAX, and put in the identification number. This way, you can get your desired car at a nominal price.

Be familiar with the financing rates.

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Before you go to the dealer, it is essential for you to research quite a bit on the financing rates. These terms are extremely important for you to make a decision pertaining to the used cars you would like to buy. Obviously, it’s not cheap to buy even a car that’s already been used, and indeed you do not have enough money at once to buy. So, there comes auto financing, and car dealers would like to help you with aid. Keep in mind that the dealers will make money later through this scheme. The dealer actually will be a middle man between the bank and you. If they sign you for the loan, they will get the commission. A condition might arise when the salesperson put some gentle pressure on you to finance.

However, you do not have to fall into this. You can opt for the bank you like. Make a quick visit to the banks, and get familiar with their auto loan rates. If dealer persists you on to their financial policy, let them know you have already made their business plans, and had made a decision.

Analyze for the trade-in value

These days, trade-in has been a perfect mechanism of getting what you desire on your economic status. If you would like to trade-in a pre-owned car for your current car, then make some good study related to both monetary and performance points of view. The best deal would be to get as much as possible. Dealers might convince you of the lowest possible bid. Actually, with false data and inapt illustrations, they might mislead you to sell your vehicle cheaply. All of these are for the heft profit.

Some peoples would like to sell their vehicle oneself and is actually a big profit-making process. But, you might have to deal with various hassles. So, it depends on you what to choose.

Start to deal

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All this way, you are familiar with the retail/wholesale price, and the cost of the car in your area. Also, you get to know what the competitive rates are and how you deal with them. It’s a business mentality all over. Also, it’s better to comprehend the things the dealers do not want to hear from you. You can find them here.

Always have a price in your head before you walk into the dealer. Make your deal conspicuously, and do not afraid to make a clear bargain if they cannot meet your value. If you are going as a couple, prepare all the things that you need to say from your home. All you need to do is let them know you both are on the same page. If one tries to walk over, others have to accompany. It makes good solidarity in the process of making a decision. This can actually make a good illustration to do a business deal.

Make offer

Mostly, the dealers will hike the price to 20% more than what you actually deserve. That means they ask you to pay 20% more money than they had actually paid for. For you to have nominal pricing tag, think about it once, and make a deal that depicts both of you a reasonable output. Usually, you can offer them 15% below of the asked price. Let them know that you understand how pricing is done.

Through these verbal discourses, the dealer might get insulted. Yes, he would go to his manager. Of course, he will be doing everything to make sure the prices go down. This is a business. You can only make good outturn only after proper bargaining.

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