Reasons Your Next Car Should Be A Sedan

Deciding to buy a car is one thing, and selecting which kind of a vehicle to buy is another and most probably the most challenging part. With lots of car models in the market, it’s understandable to get torn apart. However, selecting your next car shouldn’t be stressful. All you need to do is settle on a vehicle that’s pocket-friendly, safe, fast, among other things.

Luckily, there’s a car with aspects that most consumers want in a vehicle, and that’s a Sedan. Sedans are affordable, stylish, spacious, and reliable. 

If you’re considering purchasing a new car anytime soon, here are some reasons why a sedan should be on top of your list:

1. Price

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Since Sedans are easier and cheaper to manufacture than SUVs, they’re available at a wide range of prices. Recently, there has been a disinterest in sedans that could have led to a drop in prices, leading to most genuine shoppers taking advantage of purchasing a luxurious vehicle at a lower price. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to buying a super cool car at a pocket-friendly price, you should consider settling for a sedan. Moreover, there are different affordable but luxurious sedans to choose from. You can also get a Kia Cerato review from OnlineAuto for more detailed information about it.

2. Space

Besides being affordable, sedans also have spacious cabins that compact SUVs have. While Compact SUVs come with a spacious headroom since they’re taller, sedans have ample legroom due to their longer wheelbase. This creates sufficient space between the two rows, making everyone in the car comfortable. Additionally, the adequate space in sedans makes them feel airier than most vehicles.

3. Performance And Safety

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A sedan is a high-performance car created with high-level handling capabilities and agility—vital features in the event of an emergency. A sedan has a low center of gravity, making it safer to drive due to its broader base and decreased ground clearance. This vehicle is reliable when making turns, swerving, and is safe in a crash.

Also, sedans have better visibility which contributes to safety. As per Consumer Reports, this vehicle comes with better visibility than SUVs. Most individuals might have thought that taller SUVs would have excellent visibility, but the larger structures and pronounced pillars at the back reduce visibility from the driver’s seat. Nevertheless, some SUVs, such as Subaru Foresters, have high visibility, but generally, sedans lead.

4. They Are Fast

Sedans are an excellent choice for individuals who often drive on highways or well-paved roads as they’re fast due to their aerodynamic build. Additionally, they come in lighter weight with extraordinary braking systems, effortless acceleration, and high speed. Come to think of it, who wouldn’t want a faster car that comes at a lower price?

5. Comfort And Luxury

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Everybody would want to own a comfortable and luxurious car, and definitely, it includes you. When it comes to comfort, the sedan takes the lead. It comes with exceptional and comfortable seats that accompany a smooth ride. Sedans have a softer suspension setup for a less bumpy drive. If the road is in good condition like most city highways, there’s nothing more fulfilling than riding in a sedan. Besides, if you do your homework, most luxurious cars are sedans, and we can see why.

6. Gas Mileage

While there has been a development in improving SUVs’ gas mileage, they generally don’t stand up to sedans. The ones that come close to sedans in terms of better mileage are hybrids, which come at a higher price. With the changes in gasoline prices, it’s wise to go for a car with a better gas mileage like a sedan.

7. Cargo Security

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As far as cargo security is concerned, sedans stand in a better position than SUVs. Typically, accessing luggage in an SUV is easier since you can lay your hands on it while seated at the rearmost row. On the other hand, it isn’t easy to access cargo in a sedan with an enclosed trunk. If your SUV has no cargo cover or you forget to close the cover, anyone can access and get away with your belongings. In an era where crime is rising, it’s a good idea to have a secure car to minimize theft.

8. Boot Space

When comparing sedans and SUVs, the competition is tough, but when comparing SUVs, compact SUVs, and sedans, sedans will surely take the lead. SUVs such as Harrier, Creta, and Duster may have spacious boot space, but sedans such as Octavia, Ciaz, and Verna come with almost the same size or more at a lower price. 

9. They Are Sexy

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There’s no doubt that sedans are sexier than most vehicles. They are sleeker and lower to the ground than SUVs. Sedans come with few empty spaces in the wheel arches, black plastic claddings, and no brick-like front dashboard. These aspects contribute to their sexier appearance.

For example, let’s look at a Corolla Sedan and its cousin Corolla Cross, there isn’t much to compare. Also, while a Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class comes with a speed that most people will fall in love with, you can’t compare its elegance with an S-Class. Likewise, when looking at the elegant Volkswagen Arteon, there’s no doubt that there isn’t another model that’s sexier.


There are many factors to consider when it comes to buying a car. From speed to functionality to gas mileage and safety, to mention a few. In this article, we aren’t indicating that a sedan is the best car of choice. However, it comes with traits that most buyers would want in a vehicle.

While higher ground clearance is vital, it might not make any difference since most cities have better roads. Knowing that you can get an elegant, high-functioning vehicle such as a sedan at a lower price is practical and economical. Besides, no one wouldn’t want to save some dollars when purchasing a car.

Before deciding which vehicle to opt for, consider all the factors indicated in this article to select the best choice based on your preference and budget. Keep in mind that this is a big investment, so be wise in choosing. 

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