Suzuki SV650 Review 2024

The Suzuki Sv650 is undoubtedly the de facto king of beginner bikes. It is more than just a motorbike. It is a machine that exudes versatility and offers a little something for any rider, be it a newbie or a professional.

It belongs to the 650 class of bikes, which are perfect because they blend the right amount of power, ergonomics, speed, fuel efficiency, and allow room for plenty of customization.

Suzuki introduced this model in 1999, and what they had in mind at the time was to serve the up and coming market for naked bikes. They later offered the SV650 in both bare and faired versions when the first-generation bikes rolled out.

The impeccable motorbike has many variations to their name. The first generation of the Suzuki SV650, which debuted in 1999 and stayed in the market until 2002, came out with a crowd-pleasing product as it appealed to all class riders. This is due to its firm chassis, lightweight and incredible handling. It immediately took its place amongst riders and became quite popular over the years. In 2000, Suzuki came out with the SV650S, a slightly upgraded version of the original one to appeal to the American riders that wanted sportier machinery.

The second generation came out in 2003 and the third in 2017 with only little add-ons to give the rider a more comfortable feel and, at the same time, not compromising on the sporty nature the SV650 was intended to provide the rider.

Most first-gen and earlier second-gen versions of the model are scarce and could be quite challenging to get, especially if you have a strong affinity for the older model or prefer them.

Specifications and Features

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The SV650 dons a 645cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke V-twin engine layout with a Twin Swirl Combustion Chamber (TSCC). In some later versions, especially the second and third-generation models, twin spark plugs were added per each cylinder, and an oxygen sensor was also added for improved emissions.

The first generation comes equipped with a power rating of 64 horsepower and torque of 42lbs/ft. Suzuki upped their game with the second and third-gen models by fitting the newer versions with an average power rating of 73 hp, a torque of 47lbs/ft, and a peak of 8500 RPM even though it red-lines at about 10,000RPM.

Earlier versions of it (first gen) come with an aluminum alloy oval tube trellis frame and a telescopic front fork suspension that is non-adjustable. However, the later versions come with a pressure-cast aluminum alloy with diamond truss chassis, and a damping front fork suspension that is adjustable preload.

The SV650 also has dual 290 MM brake disks and a preload-adjustable mono-shock at the rear and wears a 120/70/17 front tire and a 160/60/17 rear.

The SV650 is, on an average, 81.5 inches long, 42 inches high, and has an overall dry weight of 370 lbs. It typically has a ground clearance of 6 inches, a fuel tank capacity of 15 liters, and a convenient average seat height of 30 inches.

  • Pros

Suzuki has done a fantastic job of satisfying a broad range of bike riders, and this is due to the exciting perks and quirks of the SV650 features, giving them an edge over other bikes. Some of the positive elements have been highlighted below.

  • Low RPM Assist

Suzuki added this feature in 2009. What it does is, when you pull up the clutch, the bike does 300 RPMs without you giving any throttle input allowing for less stalling and smoother take-offs from stops.

  • Superior Ergonomics

It is a simple, bare-bones motorcycle, and the low seat height allows you to quickly throw a leg down if you are in a tricky slow-speed situation, and the standard ergonomics of the bike will not fatigue you. It is a balanced bike that rewards the right inputs and feels precisely the way a motorcycle should feel.

  • Anti-Lock Braking System

IT features an anti-lock braking system, a skid prevention mechanism added to the motorcycle, which stops the bike’s wheels from locking up when braking and thereby maintains traction between the tires and the road surface. The wheels’ sensors monitor the braking system and calculate the wheel rotation, thus preventing the wheels from breaking when the heels come to a sudden stop. This is very helpful, especially for beginners.

  • Great Throttle Response

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When riding, there is always a need to accelerate. Moreover, many beginners complain about the rough throttling of most bikes that seem to make the motorcycle bite back and leave them in the dust. Suzuki’s SV650 makes sure not to fall victim to this pitfall. The throttle response is nothing short of excellent. It offers a seamless transition between several speed ranges. The throttling of is linear and smooth, giving a pleasant riding experience.

  • Durable

The SV650 will last you for a long time if you take decent care of it. Its narrow and pressure-cast aluminum alloy frame makes it durable and crash-resistant. You can easily modify and tune them to your taste, and also, their parts are easy to find because they are quite common.

  • Affordable

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Compared to others, the SV650 is decently priced for the number of features and quality it offers. Getting good deals on motorcycles can be a wild goose chase and most often stressful. That is where we come into play. At ZeCycles, we offer great deals of both used and new Suzuki SV650 or any bike of your choice.

  • Cons

The SV650 is an amazing bike, no doubt, but it does not come without its flaws, which are highlighted below.

  • Poor Suspension

Several people have complained about the suspension of the SV650. In some terrains with a lot of gallops and potholes, the suspensions’ inferiority can be felt, and it wears off quickly with time.

  • Old-Fashioned

The SV650 does not have a lot of high-tech features. Ignition barrel and key look like something from the 80. It does not have some recent technology add-ons like the ride-by-wire throttle technology that can interpret your hand signals, translate to your motorcycle, and adjust accordingly to what you need.

Despite its flaws, this bike is an excellent starter bike and an outstanding piece of machinery for experts. It is an affordable bike that appeals to a range of applications from a racy, sporty cruise to a primary street commuting, or even just enjoying your motorcycle on a twisty backroad; any which way, it is difficult to go wrong with the SV650.

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