11 Ways To Ride Past Motorcycle Risks

There are risks in riding a motorcycle. Given their smaller size, single-track nature, and relatively high speeds, it’s no wonder why. Fortunately, for those who want to ride but are afraid of the potential hazards that come with that lifestyle, there are ways around these risks.

Here are some suggestions you can try out if you’re a beginning or experienced rider.

1. If An Accident Has Already Happened, Get An Attorney

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Make them a real good one while you’re at it. Accidents are exactly what the name entails, that is they are unplanned, and sometimes even if all caution has been taken, you still could make a bad judgment or end up in an accident out of no fault of your own. If that happens, then one of the best things you could do is hire a motorcycle accident attorney to represent you in your case. You may likewise check the best law firms around you (check their track record before you take them on-board). If you don’t know one, then you could head over to a website like sadakafirm.com and get yourself an attorney who focuses on motorcycle accidents.

A specialized motorcycle attorney is going to be one of the strongest assets to your case. They have done this countless times and know how to best fight for you to keep you away from losing your license or any other hefty sentence. Having one as you go through your case could minimize additional damage after an accident.

2. Wear a Helmet

If you’re still on the way and want to ensure your security, you might want to get a helmet which is one of the first things to do.

Helmets have 90% effectiveness in preventing brain injuries. It is a big thing when it comes to how deadly those types of injuries can be. Wearing helmets decreases the risk of head injury by as much as 60%. While in other states, it doesn’t require an essential piece of motorcycle apparel, but for some, it’s important even if you only wear it sometimes. Always go for full-face protection, which offers more coverage than any other helmet style.

3. Don’t Ride Your Bike If You’re Tired, Ill Or Drunk

If you’re physically sick or unhealthy, riding a motorcycle may not be the best course of action for you. Motorcycles require a maximum concentration and all of your senses in top working order – something that’s hard to accomplish if you’ve just woken up, drunk, hungover, or dozing off during the ride. Take care of yourself before getting on your bike by sleeping well, eating right (check out our guide to healthy living), and staying hydrated; make sure all of these things are taken care of before hopping on your motorbike.

4. Know Your And Your Bike’s Limits

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This ties into the last point. You should always ride your motorcycle with a clear head, but you should also do so within your abilities. Before buying or borrowing any bike, know the exact kind of riding it’s suited for, be it urban traffic jams or off-road trips, and how much skill you need to operate it effectively. If you don’t know how to handle your new bike, take some practice on smaller bikes before getting started on bigger bikes.

5. Be Visible

The biggest risk while riding a motorcycle is being completely invisible at intersections and junctions. Cars can’t tell if you’re coming or going and not sitting out in the open, so make sure that you firmly establish your presence at every intersection and junction that you come. You can do this by remaining constantly alert and aware of your surroundings. Check your mirrors and make eye contact with other motorists who might be turning across your path.

6. Avoid Carpool Lanes

Carpool lanes pose risks on motorcycles because they usually have concrete barriers on both sides. In a car, those barriers would protect cars from the traffic coming from the opposite direction, but since motorcycles don’t have door panels or roofs they leave riders completely exposed to vehicles speeding along the opposing lanes of traffic. Don’t ride in carpool lanes if you want to avoid motorcycle risks.

7. Stick to the Right

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When riding the average speed, it gives you more reaction time and control if you keep as much distance as possible between your motorcycle and other vehicles. However, when riding at high speed, it’s best to stay close to the center of your lane so that you can easily see your surroundings without having to swerve around others. Keep this in mind while choosing where on the road to position yourself.

8. Stay Alert at All Times

No matter where you’re riding, especially in busy city areas, always keep one eye open for potential dangers that could send you hurtling off the road into the possibility of danger. Whether pedestrians darting out between cars or other vehicles suddenly slamming on brakes, take care and be aware of what’s going on around you.

9. Don’t Pass When You’re Closer Than 3 Feet

One of the most dangerous things a motorcycle rider can do is pass another vehicle by getting too close. It blocks your view of the road ahead and makes you unable to see hazards. It also applies when following a lead bike or car at a distance than three feet, which shouldn’t be done unless necessary for safety reasons.

10. Use Your Mirrors Properly

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Your bike comes equipped with side-view mirrors just like almost any other vehicle does. Use them! While you’re riding in traffic, keep on other riders or drivers that may be positioning themselves to your sides and flip your mirrors out if necessary. Don’t rely on them too much, though; you should always use your eyes and ears to anticipate what other drivers will do before they do it.

11. Never Ride While Distracted

It goes hand-in-hand with staying alert at all times. Don’t let anything pull your attention away from the road in front of you. It means no texting or calling friends while riding, as well as not fiddling with any electronics or music players you may have on board. Your primary focus should be on the road itself and its hazards, so stay attentive and aware at all times to best protect yourself against anything that could send you toppling off of the pavement.


Motorcycle accidents, although dangerous, are the most part avoided. It mostly comes down to wearing the right gear and riding in the right state of mind and environment.
If an accident occurs, then some of the best protection for you at that point is getting a motorcycle accident attorney!

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