4 Things To Have in Mind When Buying an Off-Road Motorcycle – 2024 Guide

Thinking about buying your first off-road motorcycle? You can head out and have loads of fun and adventures on your new bike, as long as you find the one that truly suits you! If you’re interested in figuring out what are some key elements that you need to look into when buying an off-road bike, keep on reading! Here, we will help you make the right decision, and you will purchase your new vehicle with ease while avoiding any rookie mistakes.

4 Things To Have in Mind When Buying an Off-Road Motorcycle

1. How to choose the best kind for dirt riding?

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Making this new investment will cost you a lot of money, so it is best to think about every aspect beforehand. When choosing your new bike, make sure that it is:

a) Big enough for you
b) It should suit your height
c) Check its safety measures and features

The best way to do a little test ride is for you to sit forward on the saddle and see if you can touch the ground with your feet.

Luckily for you, you can browse through different motorcycles and explore some different options at https://bike.net/en/Italika. Here, everyone will find an affordable off-road motorcycle for their adventures!

2. How to find a fast motorcycle

Some people are most interested in going fast, and in that case, you might want to purchase a sports bike. However, this type of bike is not that comfortable nor practical to drive around. It can be a bit hard to get used to driving a sports bike due to its built and speed options. The best kind is a lightweight motorcycle that has a 300-600cc range. Remember that it is always easy to upgrade and add-on to your motorcycle, so do not overdo it with your adrenaline rush and need for speed power. Rather start out slow, and slowly build around it, and go for a faster engine. 

The question of going fast is subjective and it all depends on what you want from dirt bikes. We all know that dirt bikes are light and rigid, ready to sustain blows and they are simply the best off-road options. However, the standard dirt bike might not be what you are after. In fact Harley-Davidson has assembled a couple of models that can be quite fast and look really authentic. They might be the fast dirt bikes that you are looking for and more information about these models can be found at happywrench.com

3. Which motorcycle is best for dirt and pavement?

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If you are a true off-roader and you don’t mind all the dirt and pavement, you will love adjusting your motorcycle per your needs and your headed event. Your true adventure bike should have suspension travel and ground clearance. You can purchase a lowering kit since this way you can approach the suspension. If you plan on purchasing a used motorcycle, make sure that you look into:

  • Controls – make sure that the handlebar is placed right, that the levers are not tweaked and that the clutch is functional.
  • Frame – make sure to check for cracks and welds, there should be as little of them as possible.
  • Wheel bearings – the less the wobble, the better the motorcycle.
  • Rims – always spin the wheels and test them out.
  • Air filter – make sure that it is clean and good to go.
  • Smoke – if there is some white smoke coming out you are probably experiencing a water leak.

These are just some key components that you should look into before going off-roading.

4. Get the right gear

If you plan on purchasing a brand new off-road motorcycle, make sure that it has all of your needed accessories and tools, such as:

  • A helmet – get yourself a firm and snuggly helmet that fits on top of your head with ease. Sometimes, a pricier helmet may suit you a bit better, and it will last you for quite some time, so it could be an amazing investment to start out with!
  • Motorcycle gloves – protect your hands at all times.
  • The right jacket and proper pants – make sure that both of these have protective padding. Although quite pricey, these can save you from any misfortunate accidents and will save you from injuries if you end up falling from your bike.
  • Boots – go for high-knee boots and something that will protect your entire leg from knee to your toes.

Also, make sure to avoid these top three mistakes when buying a motorcycle

Aside from these top four tips that are a must-do, make sure that you also avoid the following three mistakes!

1. The right size

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Plenty of beginners often think that the bigger the better, right? Wrong. When choosing your bike, look into different options and sizes. You will need to stand over securely and you will have to feel confident with your choice. Shaky legs, having trouble reaching the ground, as well as uncomfortable seating will make an impact on your overall satisfaction, and performance. Give yourself enough time before you make your final decision, and before you spend a lot of money.

2. Do not overspend

We often tend to overspend on some important everyday items, and we buy things that are way too pricey. Think ahead, and think about everything that you will be needing to add-onto your vehicle. There is the registration, insurance, fuel, tires, as well as any add-on parts. Be smart about your money, and approach it the right way.

3. Do not purchase the first bike you see

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Last, but not least, do not let the salesmen get to you. You should test out some bikes from your friends, look into some cheap rentals, used kinds, and watch loads of videos on YouTube before you make your final purchase. Do not go for the priciest kind that is offered to you at a motorcycle shop. Rather give it 2-3 weeks to fully explore and understand your options before you make your final choice.

Ready to go off-road and enjoy your time?

So, are you ready to have the time of your life? You will enjoy showing off your biking skills when you’re off-roading or when you’re out with your friends, as long as you follow these top 7 crucial tips and tricks! Make sure to pick out a bike that suits you, and which is within your budget. Avoid making rookie mistakes, and make sure to purchase a bike that suits your preference, and meets your criteria!

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